Run leaner operations across all your locations

Automate workflows with one digital solution everyone can use.

Whether you’re in the business of hospitality, leisure, manufacturing or retail, Logit’s operational checklists makes it a breeze for lean teams to effectively manage their work whilst achieving your rigorous company standards.

Operational Checklists
Restroom Inspections
Asset Management
Opening / Closing Procedures
Comms & Kudos
Guest Feedback
Performance League Tables
Task Management

It’s almost like the monitoring of work manages itself.

Logit offers companies easy to use tools with features that go beyond managing work. Our checklists allow you to take control by monitoring progress, improving workflow efficiencies, resolving issues before they become problems and empowering teams to overachieve.

The cornerstones of operations all under one digitalised solution

Problem Resolution
Document Completion
Task Management
Employee Recognition
Standards Compliance

One solution transforms day-to day business operations

Give your workforce the one solution they need to work smarter and more efficiently.



Eliminate errors caused by manual processes and reduce endless paper trails.


Assign team members to specific tasks and access to relevant documentation.


Receive auto notifications when a task is not completed on time or an issue exists that needs corrective action.

Take Action

Notify the right stakeholders based on parameters you set up in the system to ensure no finger pointing and quick resolution.

Reports & Insights

Track progress, reward overachievers and identify areas for improvement.

Team Members

Operational Checklists & Forms

Ensure nothing goes unmissed and all tasks are completed accurately and on-time.


No worries if you’re unsure what to do next – the system guides you through every task and procedure.


If an issue exists, you’ll be notified on what action to take next.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Acknowledge colleagues for a job well done and receive kudos from managers when you’ve gone above and beyond.


Share information and ideas with teams and provide feedback to help transform the workplace.

Gain control with operational checklists

Go paperless
Stay compliant
Be proactive
Get alerts
Take action

Get best practice templates for your business


Save time performing tasks, monitoring progress and safeguarding against non-compliance.


Ensure compliance with company standards, resolve issues and evaluate risks to the business.


Instantly report issues and accidents, and ensure nothing ever gets ignored or missed.


Quickly access records, set maintenance schedules, manage servicing and track downtime.


Assess performance, monitor compliance and identify trends across the organisation.

4 steps to improving operations

1. Perform Tasks

Digitally schedule, assign and carry out daily tasks with flexible operations checklists, forms and guides.

Users do the assigned tasks and electronically record results as they go, cutting down on paper trails and emails whilst ensuring no work goes unfinished.

Issues and potential problems are flagged and photos can be taken to provide visual evidence and sent directly to stakeholders for quick resolution.

2. Monitor progress

Real-time data, reports and dashboards gives a complete picture of what’s been done and where issues exist. Receive notifications when there is a problem and take action as required.

Each manager has instant access to a customised dashboard with details of daily tasks.

Notifications are sent directly to the manager when an issue arises so that actions can be taken proactively to prevent issues from turning into problems.

3. Make Improvements

Historical insights and reports give you greater visibility across departments.  Assess performance and proactively make adjustments to workflows or processes by identifying trends or incidents.

Simple scoring mechanism to benchmark sites or shifts and gain insight on performance to help identify patterns or problems.

Custom reports to understand bottlenecks or problem areas.

Historical information allows you to make informed decisions.

4. Stay Engaged

Keep the momentum going with two-way interaction between staff and managers across departments and sites. Get feedback to improve processes and motivate teams to outperform.

Share successes & target improvements.

Communicate with managers and team members.

Recognize overachiever and promote a culture of high performance.

Leave it to Logit for total control

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