Simplify maintenance reporting & management

Maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated

Easily manage processes, improve efficiencies across locations, prevent downtime and reduce maintenance costs.



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Digitise maintenance processes and run like a well-oiled machine

Planning and managing maintenance is complex. Getting all your crew on the same page when is comes to scheduling and performing the work requires coordination, guidance and effective communication. Relying on paper trails usually creates more errors and confusion, resulting in increased failures and costs.

Logit digitises your maintenance management and reporting, helping to guide your team through all the work. You will perform tasks faster with digital checks and save time monitoring progress since everything you need is available at your fingertips.

The cornerstones of maintenance management all under one digitalised solution

Maintenance Reporting

Preventive Maintenance


Asset Management

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Take control of maintenance

Scheduled Tasks

Digital checks guide workers to ensure compliance and the system flags issues to keep you informed. Users can take photos to prove work has been completed or a problem exists.

Instant Notifications

When an issue occurs, the system notifies the right person to take quick action, allowing you to proactively address potential problems to reduce failures and costs.

Valuable Insights

Real-time data and on-demand reports empower managers to make informed decisions, drive continual improvement and reduce unnecessary maintenance expenses.

Eliminate expensive repairs and costly downtime

It’s easy for everyone to use and the entire team will be confident that all the work is being performed correctly and nothing gets lost in the shuffle. 

Conduct and record planned inspections

Complete scheduled tasks on-time and pass audits

Quickly identify potential problems and take action

Stay up to date on progress and problem resolution

The only tool your team will ever need to report maintenance issues

Staff can report problems from the palm of their hand with our easy-to-use interactive software capturing the problem description and other pertinent information such as location, time, and asset.  You can even take photos from your device for visual evidence.    

Go paperless and perform tasks correctly each and every time

Use our digital templates or create custom checks to ensure all maintenance related tasks are performed, recorded and acted on if required.

One digital solution is all you need

Go paperless

Automate processes

Easy to use

Improve efficiencies

Reduce costs

Use our customisable maintenance templates


Save time performing tasks, monitoring progress and safeguarding against non-compliance.



Ensure compliance with company standards, resolve issues and evaluate risks to the business.



Enable team members to securely store and access content including digital guides, handbooks and procedures.


Leave it to Logit for total control

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