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Logit makes managing statutory compliance easy

Mobile accessible software gives your entire team the power to improve statutory compliance and safety performance.

Compliance Centre


Incident Management

Asset Management

Water Management

Document Management

Certificate Tracking

Fire Safety

Risk Assessment

Statutory Inspection

Sleep easy knowing your customers and staff are protected

Easily manage, track and audit all regulatory requirements from one secure location. Our intelligent platform ensures your workforce performs the right tasks at the right time to keep everyone safe and compliant. Instantly access checklists, audits and smart forms from your mobile device wherever, whenever.

Logit prompts users to complete tasks accurately and the built-in notification system escalates issues up the command so that management can proactively resolve potential problems.

The Logit Statutory Compliance Centre

Logit is all you need for statutory compliance. Logit makes it easy to schedule, manage and track all health & safety activities. You will never have to worry about misplacing paper copies or deleting an important email. Logit stores all your forms and records completed work, providing you with an easy to access, auditable history.

Auto alerts give managers enhanced visibility to monitor progress and quickly identify issues. You will save time and have peace of mind that regulatory commitments are being met at all times.

Lift & Access Equipment

  • Lift & Access Equipment Insurance Inspection (LOLER)
  • Routine Service
  • Fall Arrest Systems

Fire Safety

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Extinguisher Test Record
  • Sprinkler System Service
  • Fire Evacuation Training

Electrical Testing

  • Fixed Wire Testing
  • Emergency Lighting Annual Drop Test
  • PAT Test
  • Lighting Protection Inspection

Water Hygiene

  • Water Risk Assessment
  • WRA Review
  • Chlorination Certificates
  • Legionellosis

Mechanical Plant & Gas Safety

  • Pressure Vessel Examination
  • Annual Boiler Routine Service
  • Gas Meter Pressure Drop Test
  • Automatic Doors Routine Service

Air Conditioning & Refridgeration

  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Cellar Cooling
  • Air Conditioning TM44 Report
  • F-Gas Register


  • COVID-19
  • Certifications
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Accident Reporting
  • Pest Control

 The cornerstones of statutory compliance all under one digitalised solution


Risk Assessments


First Aid


Safety Plans



Simplify statutory compliance requirements


Assign repeatable tasks and use our customisable checklist templates to ensure staff follow procedures and stay compliant.

Problem Resolution

When an issue is detected, an action is triggered, allowing you to be proactive and stop problems from occurring.

Regulatory Compliance

Prove compliance with an auditable trail and access real-time data to improve performance and eliminate risks.

Protect the health & safety of your business

Use our digital best practice templates or create custom checklists to ensure all health & safety related tasks are performed, recorded and acted on if required.

One flexible platform for the health and safety of your business

Go paperless

Automate processes

Digital inspections

Improve safety standards

Use our customisable health & safety templates for your business


Save time performing tasks, monitoring progress and safeguarding against non-compliance.



Ensure compliance with company standards, resolve issues and evaluate risks to the business.


Instantly report issues and accidents, and ensure nothing ever gets ignored or missed.


Quickly access records, set maintenance schedules, manage servicing and track downtime.


Assess performance, monitor compliance and identify trends across the organisation.

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