Fire Alarm Test Checklist & Logs

It is a regulatory requirement that your premise is equipped with a fully operational fire alarm. If you do not test on a weekly basis, you are risking the lives of your employees and customers. 

Digitise your fire log book and fire safety checklist to ensure these critical tasks are never forgotten or ignored. With Logit, every fire alarm check is tracked and accounted for. Schedule weekly tests and push notifications to the right team members to ensure these tasks are completed correctly and on-time.


  • Digital checklist ensures tasks are performed consistently and nothing will get missed.
  • Store and access fire safety training videos to guide teams.
  • Complete visibility of all your fire safety checks ensures you are compliant and meeting safety regulations.
  • Auto prompts and escalations give you peace of mind that issues will be resolved quickly and the right action taken if a fault occurs.

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    Eliminate paperwork

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    Get prompts & take action

    Reduce risk

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