Shower Head Cleaning Checklist & Logs

It is easy to see how cleaning your shower head can become an afterthought. Mostly because, unlike dirty bathtubs, shower heads do not readily show you just how dirty they are on the inside. Mineral deposits and organic matter build up over time and can clog the holes preventing an even flow of water.

Shower heads that are not cleaned regularly can accumulate significant levels of Mycobacterium Avium, a pathogen linked with pulmonary disease, and other bacteria that can cause serious infections. Turning on your hot shower disperses these microbes into the air and makes them more easily inhaled.

Shower heads get dirty through a number of methods: 

  • An accumulation of various organic matter
  • Mineral and slime
  • Tiny bits of debris

The common factor in all of these are the water. Unfortunately, there is no getting around it, but using Logit’s template for cleaning shower heads will help prevent build up and harmful bacteria from occurring.

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