Hourly Restroom Checklist & Logs

Maintaining and preserving sanitation in the restrooms can be quite challenging, but it is essential for the health and safety of your employees and customers. In addition, a clean and comfortable restroom will vouch for your high standards and put customers at ease that you run a clean and tidy establishment.

Conducting hourly checks can be cumbersome and easy to forget especially during busy shifts.  That’s why you can rely on Logit’s Hourly Restroom Checklist & Logs template.  Team members will be prompted to perform these tasks each hour, and managers will be alerted if something has been missed or an issue exists.

‍Some of the required tasks within our template include:

  • Ensuring toilets are cleaned to an acceptable standard.
  • Replenishing consumables (toilet paper, soap, tissues) as needed.

Reporting issues and taking photos to provide evidence and specific detail.

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