Restaurant Cleaning Schedule Template

Use the restaurant daily cleaning checks to ensure your team knows what needs to be done to keep the restaurant squeaky clean at all times.

Restaurant cleaning checklist includes:

  • Checking all the restaurant equipment have been properly cleaned and sanitised.
  • Inspecting the cutlery, plates and glasses.
  • Checking the restaurant entrance is clean and clear.
  • Ensuring tables, seats and benches have been wiped down.
  • Sweeping and mopping floors.
  • Placing rubbish and recyclables in respective bins.


Logit digitises all the paperwork and helps teams perform tasks efficiently.


  • View and complete necessary cleaning activities. 
  • Automatically prompt team members to take action when necessary.
  • Prove to management and auditors that you are up to date with reported issues and actions taken.
  • Attach guides and related documents to ensure staff have all the information they need to perform tasks correctly.
  • Take photos from your mobile device to document corrective action or prove that recordings were taken.

Why use Logit quality control templates?

Eliminate paperwork

Perform tasks consistently

Eliminate non-compliance

Maintain high standards

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