Daily Kitchen Closing Checklist & Logs

Logit’s digital checklist makes it easy to ensure nothing gets missed and everything is as it should be when the doors close at the end of the day.

The daily kitchen closing checklist provides all the tasks team members must do before leaving the premise including:

  • Ensuring all food is covered, labelled and in date.
  • Fridges and freezers are clean and free from ice build up.
  • Work surfaces are clean.
  • Dish wash sink areas have been sanitised and cleaned.
  • All lights are working.
  • Floors are clean and in good condition (no loose tiles, holes, etc.)

This digital checklist makes kitchen closing more efficient, allowing you to sleep easy knowing the kitchen is safe and sound.

  • Access checklist from any mobile device to quickly record data. 
  • Automatically prompt team members to take action.
  • Escalate issues to management.

Give staff have all the information they need to perform tasks correctly with instant access to guides and other documents.

Why use Logit quality control templates?

Eliminate paperwork

Perform tasks consistently

Eliminate non-compliance

Maintain high standards

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