Food Probe Thermometer Template

Calibrating probe thermometers is a health & safety requirement. Calibrations ensure probes are accurate and that the food you cook or reheat is at the correct temperature and safe to serve.

Logit makes calibration easy and safe-proof:

  • Capture data quickly and easily from each probe.
  • Automatic prompts guide teams to take the right action if data is outside the set parameters.
  • Issues are escalated to managers if an issue persists and requires attention.
  • Provide a digital audit trail to prove to management and auditors that you are up to date and in compliance with calibrations.

Store and access user guides or procedures on how to calibrate to minimise risk by ensuring team members perform this task consistently and accurately.

Why use Logit health & safety templates?

Eliminate paperwork

Quickly capture data

Get prompts & take action

Reduce errors

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