Brand Standards Audit Template

Ensure your team follow company standards and compliance codes strictly to enhance your brand’s quality and reputation.

Logit enables you to conduct brand standards audits on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Manage and track audits from any mobile device whilst knowing that team members will automatically be alerted to take action when an issue exists.

Logit makes it easier to maintain your high standards, improve performance, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

  • Exterior clean and tidy.
  • Speed of delivery and service.
  • Cleanliness of toilets and customer areas.
  • Condition of kitchen equipment.
  • Pest activity.
  • Food storage and preparation.
  • Staffing and deployment practices.
  • Consistency across sites.

Why use Logit quality control templates?

Eliminate paperwork

Reduce audit time

Get prompts & take action

Maintain high standards

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