Retail Task Management Software

Deliver a  consistent customer experience

Help team members perform tasks, maintain high standards and enhance service.

Whether you are a bricks and mortar retail shop or an online retailer (or both), your brand is everything. That’s why you must protect the business from all types of risk whilst ensuring team members stay safe, productive and engaged.

Our all-in-one task management software is all you need to manage work and outperform the competition.

Make the retail experience a great one

One of the most important differentiators between you and your competitors is the customer experience you deliver.

Logit offers retailers a digital solution that allows both customers and teams to stay highly engaged with the ability to provide feedback instantly at specific touchpoints throughout the customer journey. 

Are you able to inspire and retain employees?

Is your team able to quickly respond to product or service issues? Is employee performance negatively impacting service and sales?

Logit allows managers to monitor progress in real-time. If a potential issue exists, the right team members are notified and given instruction on what action to take.  Our built-in action management provides a simple way to ensure customers come back time and time again.

Save time and ensure your team are always compliant

Minimise email threads and paper ‘to do’ lists that make it difficult to know if all the work was really done.  Digitally create, assign, schedule and perform tasks – from opening and closing checks to overseeing deliveries to handling customer queries and complaints.

Our digital checks save team members time accessing checklists and compliant forms from any mobile device. 

Create a collaborative culture that drives employee engagement

Access all the information you need from one place anytime, anywhere. Store training manuals, help guides, company policies and more.

Keep teams in the know with all the latest company news, and share updates on sales initiatives, performance goals and customer service issues.

Managers and team members can stay connected with messaging capabilities and offer feedback and acknowledgement for outstanding work with our Kudos feature.

Go digital today!

Save time & money

Improve efficiencies

Stay compliant

Empower teams

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