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Award-winning all-in-one hospitality management software

Clean the room. Check the oven temperature. Repair a window. Perfom an inspection. Keep the customers happy. It’s all possible with our complete hospitality management software.


Logit is all you need.

Popular brands trust our hospitality management software

“What sets Logit apart from other solutions is that it rolls everything into one system, providing access to whatever team members need with the touch of a button.”

Matt Collingwood

Head of Group Food Innovation, The Scotsman Group

“Logit provides a one stop shop for all our hotels’ needs. We were using three systems across reception, housekeeping and maintenance, but now we only need Logit. Not only has this saved us time, but our teams have all the support in the palm of their hand no matter where they are.”

Rob McGlynn – Regional General Manager

Easy to use hospitality management software

Keep track of all the work, know when there is an issue and take immediate action. Save time sorting through all the paperwork and emails. Forget voicemail and unanswered texts.

Our hospitality management software simplifies your entire operations by automating workflows, digitising checks and documentation, and automatically notifying the right people when there is an issue. 

Logit will empowere your teams to work more efficiently. Managers will be more effective in running the day-to-day operations and motivating staff. And the business will benefit from our all-in-one solution by reducing risk and expenses whilst increasing the focus on your customers.   

Only one hospitality management software lets you easily manage everything

Covid-19 safety

Open/Close checks

Food temps

Room checks

Stock checks


Brand standards audit

Equipment repairs

Pool testing

Maintenance reporting

Simplify task management and quickly respond to issues

Our software was developed to help the hospitality sector manage tasks more efficiently.

Create, assign, schedule and perform tasks – from food safety to maintenance to housekeeping and operations – to ensure all the work gets done and compliance requirements are always met.

Issues are flagged and employees receive notifications to take corrective action. Manager are alerted when immediate action is required. Staff can also take photos to report issues or communicate directly with managers.

Software for hospitality helps keep teams informed and engaged

Share information and provide employees with easy access to news, documents and updates. Acknowledge staff members for a job well done and help keep them motivated to meet or exceed business objectives.

Adopting a digital strategy
helps improve hospitality's staff engagement & retention

Developing a digital strategy that includes Logit to improve engagement is essential. Our all-in-one hospitality management software enables staff to not only perform tasks with ease but stay connected and motivated.

Go digital with the management software soluton for hospitality & leisure!

Save time
& money


Stay compliant

Empower teams

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