Care Homes Task Management Software

Reduce costs, improve compliance and provide a high level of care

One digital platform lets you easily manage all the care home tasks

Covid-19 safety

Public / Shared area checks

Food temps

Room checks

CQC Inspections

Delivery checks


Equipment repairs

Health & Safety compliance

Maintenance reporting

Simplify task management and quickly respond to issues

Create, assign, schedule and perform tasks – from food safety to maintenance to housekeeping and operations – to ensure all the work gets done and compliance requirements are always met.

Issues are flagged and employees receive notifications to take corrective action. Managers are alerted when immediate action is required. Staff can also take photos to report issues or communicate directly with managers.

Drive operational excellence and keep residents satisfied

Share information and provide employees with easy access to news, documents and updates. Acknowledge staff members for a job well done and help keep them motivated to meet or exceed business objectives.

Logit also enables residents and family members to leave feedback at designated touchpoints by simply scanning a QR code. Your team can then review the feedback and make improvements.

“We chose logit to ensure that our audits, checklists and maintenance requests systems were able to be used collectively, enabling greater operational oversight, whilst using simple and familiar processes for the end user.”

Alex Harvey – Operations Director

Go digital today!

Save time
& money


Stay compliant

Empower teams