How much can your business save by going digital

Digitise and save over £1,000 per site & 100+ hours annually.

Save 30 minutes a day managing work

Reduce onsite audit times by 24 hours

Increase productivity by 10%

Reduce printing costs by £250 per site

Save up to £1K on maintenance costs

Save time monitoring & managing inspections

Think of all the daily and weekly checks that are required by staff. You must also spend time and effort ensuring inspections meet all the health and safety standards.  By automating and digitally recording these tasks, your business can save a substantial amount of time and money.


Managers could save 30 minutes each day or 3.5 hours per week reviewing, monitoring and managing their team’s tasks.

Save time with on-site audits

Dramatically reduce the number of onsite audits required per annum including Food Safety, Health & Safety and finance audits. Logit provides real-time data warning and performance reports, allowing managers to proactively identify potential problem sites and pinpoint issues.


Onsite audits can be reduced by up to 24 hours per site / year and you will be confident knowing there won’t be any surprises.

HR savings

Providing digital tools empowers staff to improve performance and collaboration with peers. This in turn can reduce staff turnover which minimises the manager’s time retraining. Onboarding new employees is simplified, reducing the strain on management resources and improving the speed in which new staff can be fully contributing.


You can easily save 100 hours annually per site and use that time to focus on growing the business.

Reduce maintenance costs

Our interactive maintenance reporting tool provides accurate details that can be shared with the maintenance team or contractor including photos, asset tagging and key information, preventing costly investigation and downtime. Our system also automatically schedules inspections and escalates problems.


Managers can proactively take action speeding up repairs and reducing downtime, saving your business up to £1,000 per site/year.

Improve employee productivity

Your employees have a lot on their plate and wasting time searching for information and not feeling connected or valued can negatively impact performance. Our digital platform allows everyone to easily access and share the information they need to stay connected and be recognised for their contribution.

Employee productivity can increase by 5-10% and your business will be 3 times more likely to outperform the competition.

Save on insurance premiums

Insurance companies will often provide discounted premiums to businesses that utilise a digital compliance platform, enabling managers to negotiate reductions on their premiums.


Your business can achieve an average savings of £150 per site / year.

Reduce printing costs

It may not seem like a big deal, but there is a cost to printing documents. There is the cost of purchasing and maintaining printers including reams of paper and cartridges.  Logit digitises all your tasks and documents so there is no need for printing.


Annually, you could reduce equipment and paper costs by £250 or more per site.

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