Achieve high ROI with LOGIT

Improve efficiency & reduce risk for greater savings & protection

Employee efficiencies

Digital checklists, instant notifications and assigned actions can easily save every employee 5 minutes performing daily tasks.

ANNUAL SAVINGS  £310 per employee*

Management efficiencies

Monitoring progress in real-time, auto generating of actions and escalations and instantly accessing accurate data and reports can free up time by 60 minutes per week.

ANNUAL SAVINGS >£800 per manager*

*Based on employees @ £13 per hour and managers @ £18 per hour


Eliminating paper supports green initiatives, reduces your carbon footprint & cuts printing costs.

ANNUAL SAVINGS £500 per site

Technology & staff retention

Providing technologies that meet the expectations of today’s workforce helps to satisfy and retain top talent.

10% of employees quit due to technological frustrations & replacing an employee costs thousands of pounds in lost productivity and HR logistics.

Food Safety Breaches

Meeting stringent food safety protocols with one seamless system will give you peace of mind knowing your business is compliant. 

For offences under sections 7 and 14 of the Act, maximum fine for each offence is £20,000 & 

Immeasurable LOSS OF REVENUE from reputational damage.

Personal Injury Claim

Reporting incidents & accidents with our digital software ensures the proper steps are taken by enabling you to take immediate action and continually monitor progress through resolution.

Average £15k per claim due for moderate to minor accident.

Guest Refunds & Complaints

Scheduled inspections and audits are essential to ensure that issues are proactively resolved, reducing guest complaints by up to 50% and improving your NPS score by up to 6%.

On average £604 refunded per month for hospitality operators.

Just one negative online review could cause a business to lose 30 customers.

Health & Safety Breaches

Recording completed work & storing all your forms in one place provides you with an easy to access, auditable history & peace of mind that regulatory commitments are being met at all times.

Maximum penalty is an Unlimited fine or Imprisonment up to 2 years or both.

“When you work for a company keen on not spending money, it’s great that management can see the value in the product and not the price.”

Lauren Napier – Learning & Development Manager

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