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Improve onboarding processes, reduce staff turnover, empower individuals to overachieve and have a voice to contribute.

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Transform your workflow from task-driven to team engagement

Juggling to achieve standards across food safety, statutory compliance, and maintenance can be difficult for any employee.  Without the proper tools and communication, teams may struggle to succeed. Logit enables staff to not only perform tasks with ease but stay connected and motivated.

You’ll also create a work culture of support and appreciation with recognition features that allow you to acknowledge and praise team members.

The cornerstones of team engagement all under one digitalised solution

Organisational Transparency



The right tools

Continuous Feedback

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Clear Expectations

Improve communications and collaboration

Defined Expectations

Know what is expected whilst being guided every step to ensure compliance, and take action when necessary with auto alerts and escalations.


Align teams and keep everyone in the loop with on-demand access to corporate news, videos, training guides and documents such as SOPs.


Acknowledge team members for a job well done, motivate others to share successes and build stronger relationships across the organisation.

Make work easier and less stressful

Our platform digitises workflows and helps teams perform in a more efficient and compliant manner. Users access everything they need to complete tasks accurately and on-time.

Handovers are smooth since all the information is in one place, and issues are escalated up the command chain, ensuring nothing gets through the cracks.

Unleash the potential in your team

One centralised place encourages teamwork by empowering members across departments to share ideas, receive constructive feedback and develop innovative approaches to improving the business. 

The Hub also provides ease and seamless connection to everything else your team depends on throughout the workday.

Motivate & inspire staff every day

Show your appreciation whenever your team does an outstanding job and watch productivity soar.

Our recognition features like Kudos allow managers and team members to share words of encouragement and success stories.

Logit makes it easy to acknowledge overachievers and helps to set the bar for all your team members.

A day in the life…of your business

Here’s just one example of how Logit can be used to improve efficiencies and performance across departments and sites.

Give team members the recognition they deserve

“Logit not only helps coordinate departments but has injected a real team ethos as it gives a platform to praise colleagues on a job well done through the Kudos function.”

Rob McGlynn – Regional General Manager

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Adopting a digital strategy
can help improve staff engagement & retention

Developing a digital strategy that includes Logit to improve engagement is essential. Our all-in-one digital solution enables staff to not only perform tasks with ease but stay connected and motivated with features including Kudos.

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