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It’s like an intranet and social network rolled into one powerful platform


Streamline internal communications


Access company news, guides and promotional videos


Socialise with peers and build long-lasting relationships

Staff Development

Improve employee experience and retention

Transform your workflow from task-driven to team engagement

Juggling to achieve standards across food safety, statutory compliance, and maintenance can be difficult for any employee.  Without the proper tools and communication, teams may struggle to succeed. Logit enables staff to not only perform tasks with ease but stay connected and motivated.

You’ll also create a work culture of support and appreciation with recognition features that allow you to acknowledge and praise team members.

A day in the life…of your business

Here’s just one example of how Logit can be used to improve efficiencies and performance across departments and sites.

Improve communications & collaboration

Sharing information upward, downward and laterally encourages a more open, transparent work environment. Our platform makes it easy for everyone to communicate and collaborate with the right audience.

Now, executives can communicate directly to one person, one team or the entire organisation without the worry of whether the message will be miscommunicated or not communicated at all.

Teams can also collaborate in real-time and stay informed on important company announcements.

Auto notifications let staff know when new content such as breaking news or updated policies is available. Information can be accessed 24×7 from any mobile device.

Engaging brands use Logit

“Logit not only helps coordinate departments but has injected a real team ethos as it gives a platform to praise colleagues on a job well done through the Kudos function.”

Rob McGlynn – Regional General Manager

Engage & recognise staff with Kudos

Everybody likes a little praise and recognition from time to time, and our Kudos feature makes it easy to shine the light on their contributions with the entire organisation.

Highlight a team member by posting a comment and emoji. Share a picture of your team to highlight their achievement or offer congratulations for a job well done.

Keeping teams connected has never been so fun and easy!

Get feedback and insights

Communication is a two-way street. Instead of just pushing out internal communications, you need to empower users to interact with your content.

Logit makes two-way communication possible by allowing employees to ‘Like’ and ‘Comment‘ on company news, updates and announcements. Users can also Like comments other employees have left and start their own conversation by replying to each other’s comments.

Team Engagement Pricing

Employer individuals to overachieve and have a voice to contribute.

Starting at

£5/month* per site

Includes News & Kudos

  • Share information in an open and transparent manner across sites and departments.
  • On-demand access to corporate news, videos, training guides and documents such as SOPs.
  • Kudos lets you acknowledge team members for a job well done, motivate others to share successes..

*Based on small, single site business. Contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Transform your business with one digital tool

News – Collaborate and communicate directly with team members; access company news, videos and more.

Staff directory – search and manage users.

Kudos – Socially post emojis and comments to recognise team members for doing an outstanding job.

Resource areas – Share and access all the assets your team needs to succeed.

New and exciting features are always be added…

Adopting a digital strategy
helps improve hospitality's staff engagement & retention

Developing a digital strategy that includes Logit to improve engagement is essential. Our all-in-one hospitality management software enables staff to not only perform tasks with ease but stay connected and motivated.

One tool for all your teams

Go digital

Empower teams

Improve clarity

Collaborate & Recognise

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