Team Chat

Chat with team members instantly

Affordable & Secure Group Chat

Logit’s Team Chat allows a secure and simple exchange of messages among groups across departments and sites. Team Chat is similar to popular apps like Teams and WhatsApp Business but without the expensive price tag.

With Team Chat, members receive notification alerts to ensure messages are never missed. All messages are timestamped and include a status such as ‘read’ for each group member.

Secure &

easy to use

Stay informed

& in sync



Reduce risk & costs



Fully integrated mobile communication solution

Team Chat is the secure solution for communicating with members of your team. 

Only members of a particular group have the ability to view and participate in the conversation. Group members can communicate from  their desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Our system retains each chat history for future reference to ensure accountability of each group member.

Optimise workflows and boost productivity

  • One communication system for all team members
  • Increase collaboration and engagement
  • Reduce communication breakdowns
  • Real-time notifications keep everyone informed and on track

Simplify admin & gain greater security

Logit’s Team Chat reduces the administrative complexity of mobile messaging by centralising the management of users and permissions.

Deliver real-time chat experiences with Logit

One tool lets you easily and securely communicate with group members anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Let us show you how Team Chat simplifies and improves communications across your organisation.