Request Management Software

Automate requests and handle demands quickly

The easiest, most effective way to manage requests

Eliminate the chaos associated with manual request workflows with one easy-to-use request management solution for all your teams.

Deliver a personalised experience and boost user satisfaction

Provide all your teams with a simple all-in-one platform to centralise communications, assign responsibility for various requests and track their status at every touchpoint from customers, employees and external vendors.

IT Support

  • Software Support
  • Hardware Issues
  • Help Desk

Sales & Marketing

  • Content Creation
  • Website Changes
  • Advertising


  • Expenses
  • New Suppliers
  • Petty Cash


  • Service
  • Ad-hoc inspections
  • Guest issues


  • New Staff
  • Requests
  • Holidays

One tool is all you need to manage all requests

Service requests

Maintenance requests

IT Helpdesk requests

Hotel room requests

Staff requests

Landlord requests

Logit can be configured to be exactly how your business works without locking you into a pre-built solution that doesn’t meet your needs.

Flexible, easy-to-use request management software automates any request without the need for multiple, disparate tools.

Logit makes it easy to submit and recieve requests in an organised way via our QR codes and slick portal, and the team members always know the next step or action to take.

The number and type of requests you can create and manage with Logit are almost limitless!

Improve request management cycle times

If you’re managing requests with the back-and-forth of email, spread sheets or even instant messages, the issues are unavoidable.

Slow request turnaround

Frequent mistakes when fulfilling requests

Lack of status transparency and accountability

Bad request hand-offs between team members

Unable to accurately track and report performance

Logit’s request management software eliminates these issues with an integrated solution that intelligently routes requests based on your existing business rules/workflows.

Visualise all requests in one place

Logit’s request management software provides complete visibility of every request, ensuring you know what is happening every step of the way.

  • Consistent experience: Eliminate different request formats and delivery channels. Manage all requests from one place and never worry that something may have been missed.
  • Access to all the information: See all the request details including documents and photos. You can track progress in real-time and know if there are any bottlenecks that need attention.
  • Centralise communications: Instantly view interactions with team members, stay informed throughout the process and share updates with stakeholders.

Customers use Logit to manage requests

Logit Request Management Framework

QR Codes & Portal

Access to forms, monitor progress, take action


Collect information and automatically trigger workflow

Request Workflows

Route request, apply business rules, connect to external systems


Analyse trends, identify improvement opportunities, measure performance

There is no better way to manage requests

Standardise request management across the business for improved efficiencies.

Personalised experience from any hand-held device boosts user satisfaction.

Alleviate day-to-day workload on teams by automating request processes/workflows.

Reduce errors and impacts or risks of inadequate processes.

Improve response times and customer satisfaction.

Centralise information for enhanced visibility and control over request statuses.

Identify potential bottlenecks and improvement opportunities.

Request Management Pricing

The easiest way to manage all types of requests for every part of the business. 

Starting at

£8/month* per site

Includes Guest Feedback and Lost & Found!

  • Automate request workflows to eliminate manual errors.
  • Personalised experience from any device boosts user satisfaction.
  • Meet team expectations with status updates and notifications.
  • Improve response times and customer satisfaction.
  • Centralise information for enhanced visibility and control.

*Based on small, single site business. Contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Guest Feedback and Lost & Found included!

Simplify request management with single solution

Logit makes it easy to manage all requests. Easily submit and track any request and ensure each one is handled quickly and properly.

Leave it to Logit for your business

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