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Save time manually monitoring tasks and compliance with real-time reports that enhance visibility and enable you to take the right action.

Digitise and visualise data with detailed reports


Identify key performance trends


Track productivity and compliance


Track performance across the organisation and keep teams updated


Reduce costs and errors by gleaning insights that guide continuous improvements

Real-time dashboards

Our fully configurable dashboard allows you to quickly view the most relevant data with visual graphs, charts and tables.

Reports and KPIs

Generate custom reports to instantly track and benchmark KPIs. Create filters to quickly view and sort data. Drill down to the exact information you need to track all complete and outstanding tasks by department or site. Analyse every action taken and identify where improvements can be made.

Improve visibility & transparency

Share key findings with stakeholders to assess performance and take action if necessary. Keep teams informed with updates on progress and where there is room for improvement. 

Highly configurable to meet the needs of complex multi-site organisations

Ideal for both independent and multi-site operators with unique and multiple divisions/departments. Logit is the only solution that offers multi-level configuration within a single site. This allows team members to have a unique experience with cross system monitoring and reporting. 

Key features

Custom reports – Choose from a host of off-the-shelf and configurable reporting options

Dashboards – Configure and organise data into visual charts, graphs and tables.

Filters – Drill down by site, department and more.

Export – Save data as a pdf or other formats and share with teams.

New and exciting features are always be added…

All the data you need to improve performance and keep teams on track

Real-time data

Visual dashboards

Downloadable reports

Actionable insights

Multiple locations and sites

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