Inspection Reporting Software

Keep your premises and assets in peak condition

Logit smart boards for scheduled inspections

Logit transforms maintenance inspections with digital smart boards. Our smart boards enable managers to schedule and allocate inspection tasks to team members.

Team members will know when and what inspection needs to be completed. Whether it’s inspecting a building, location or room, or equipment such as boiler, A/C unit or vehicle, Logit guides staff and ensures the appropriate steps are taken for each inspection.

Take photos as evidence and leave comments directly from your mobile phone.  The system will automatically trigger a work order when an item is marked as ‘flagged’ or ‘failed’ and notify a manager if an action is required.

Scheduled inspections improve outcomes

Scheduled inspections are an important part of your maintenance programme that help improve performance and customer satisfaction.

Use Logit for all your scheduled maintenance inspections including:





Fire Protection

Building interior and exterior

Be proactive during and after scheduled inspection results

Our interactive maintenance solution enables staff to communicate more effectively with maintenance and other teams.

Based on inspection results, team members can easily submit maintenance requests from any hand-held device.

If a maintenance issue is identified or triggered during an inspection, it can be actioned, delegated, tracked and reported on, ensuring the maintenance team are kept up to date through and up to resolution.

Ensure your premises and assets are kept in good order with scheduled inspections

Be proactive

Evaluate performance

Improve accountability

Reduce costly repairs

Simplify scheduled  inspections

Early detection of problems.

Identify recurring problems, isolate causes and make timely corrections.

Use inspection data to evaluate equipment durability and performance.

Improve accountability and change behaviour by ensuring staff perform the right inspections at the right time.

Go paperless and perform tasks correctly each and every time

Use our digital templates or create custom checklists to ensure all maintenance related tasks and requests are performed, recorded and acted on if required.

One digital solution is all you need for scheduled inspections

Go paperless

Automate processes

Easy to use

Improve efficiencies

Reduce costs

See what Logit can do for you

Leave it to Logit for your maintenance

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Preventive Maintenance

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