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Discover why every shift manager needs digital logbooks

Our logbooks are the easiest and most efficient way to create daily handover diaries, end of day summaries, revenue & cover logs, data logs, shift prep lists and more.

Steamline shift communications & tasks with digital logbooks

Replace all your paper-based logbooks with our fully integrated digital logbook. Access, record and handover  notes, important to-dos, follow up tasks and much more from shift to shift.

Logit Logbook makes it easy to search for log entries and documents. All communications are recorded so you’ll never worry about lost or misplaced information with the click of a button.

Handover Diaries

Create daily handover diaries to interact with online forms, leave commentary, raise actions and assign tasks.

End of Day Summary

Prompt team to update essential data with live views, updates and  triggered alerts.

Revenue & Covers Log

Real time data with daily breakdown of revenue streams directly reportable from a global overview.

Daily Data Logs

Create a range of required updates such as meter readings, facilities stats, usage performance, waste logging and more.

Shift Prep Lists

Log the next shift’s prep sheets by creating an interactive list with media and instruction.

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Logit is your Log Centre

Our digital logbooks are all you need to stay organised and keep the operations running smoothly throughout each shift.  

With access from any mobile device, our logbooks provide managers the ability to record and communicate anything and everything without the worry that something gets missed or forgotten. You’ll be confident each shift manager is in control and the team is working efficiently.

  • Create shift notes
  • Create tasks & actions
  • Upload pictures & documents
  • Deposit drop & cash counts
  • Guest details & special occasions
  • Events & important dates
  • Broadcast announcements
  • Performance tracking
  • Petty cash log
  • Daily reports & instant notifications

Logbooks Pricing

Digitise your logbooks for more efficiency and control.

Starting at

£5/month* per site

  • Replace paper-based logbooks with fully integrated digital logbook.
  • Record and communicate anything and everything.
  • Create tasks & actions.
  • Easily search for log entries and documents
  • Digitise everything from shift notes to handover diaries to daily data logs, and so much more.

*Based on small, single site business. Contact us for a bespoke quotation.

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 Replace  your paper-based logbooks with one digital solution that improves efficiency and keeps shift managers in control.