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Incident Management & Reporting Software

Use Logit to record, resolve and report on incidences from RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013) to maintenance mishaps and Quality Control issues.

Ideal for large and small operations with unique and multiple divisions/departments. Logit is the only solution that offers multi-level configuration within a single site. This allows team members to have a unique experience with cross system monitoring and reporting. 

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What is incident management & reporting software?

Incident management and reporting software is designed to streamline the process of managing and reporting various incidents within an organization. These incidents could range from IT-related issues such as system outages or cybersecurity breaches to workplace accidents, customer complaints, or any other unforeseen events.

Key features of incident management and reporting software typically include:

Incident Tracking: Allows users to log and track incidents as they occur, providing a centralized database for recording all relevant details including:

Workflow Automation: Automates the handling of incidents, from initial reporting through resolution and closure. This can help ensure timely responses and efficient resolution of issues.

Communication Tools: Incident management software includes features such as email alerts, notifications, and messaging systems to keep teams and stakeholders informed throughout the incident resolution process.

Reporting and Analysis: The software allows users to generate detailed reports on incident trends, response times, and other key metrics which can help organizations identify areas for improvement and prevent future incidents.

Overall, incident management and reporting software helps organizations effectively respond to and manage incidents, minimizing their impact on operations and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Incident Management & Reporting Software – Core Features

Digital incident forms

Logit makes it easy to go paperless. Create incident forms in no time or use our standard templates that can easily be tailored to your needs.

Specified injuries

Various work-related diseases

Dangerous occurrences

Gas incidents

Customer complaints

Slips & falls

Company vehicle related accident and more

Assign Tasks

Assign and action specific tasks to the appropriate team member(s), ensuring each incident is resolved and closed expediently.

Auto alerts

Our system ensures you take action at the right time and continually monitor progress through resolution with instant notifications sent directly to your mobile device.

Real-time Visibility

Access to reports and fully configurable dashboard allow you to instantly track each incident, share key findings with stakeholders to assess performance and take action if necessary. Keep teams informed with updates on progress and where there is room for improvement. 

“Logit has helped us act on and resolve incidents much more quickly.”

Jamie Napier – General Manager

You get more features and benefits

Our software makes it easy to manage incidents from any hand-held device. Just complete the form directly on a phone or tablet, attach photos, add comments and click a button – it’s that simple.

Customisable templates

Choose from our library of incident form templates that can be tailored to meet your needs.


Instantly access and complete forms from any hand-held device.

Photos & Documents

Include pictures, documents and notes to enhance visibility and fact gathering.


Automatically alert managers when action is required for resolution or an issue requires special attention.

Control panel

Dashboards provide visual graphs and charts, allowing you to analyse occurrences and sort incidents by site, group or type

Logit’s incident management software delivers great value to your business.


Time savings resolving incidents


Incidents closed within required timeframe


Fewer similar-type incident occurrence


Transparency of incident follow ups & actions taken

A simple use case for Incident Management & Reporting Software

Here’s just one example of how our incident management & reporting software can be used to improve performance.

Whilst preparing food, the commis chef cuts her finger. Sous chef scans a QR code on mobile device to access incident form.

The sous chef completes and submits the form. A push notification and email are sent to the shift manager.

The manager reviews and investigates the incident, ensuring no further action is required. Incident is closed and team members are auto notified.

Head Office generates reports based on location, type and status, and can drill down to the granular detail to identify trends.

Incident Management Pricing

Manage incidents from occurance to resolution.

Starting at

£5/month* per site

  • Customisable template forms standardise reporting across sites and ensure compliance.
  • Improve visibility and track issues to completion.
  • Communicate progress to the entire team and keep everyone up to date.
  • Save time and reduce the risk of non-compliance with streamlined reporting.

*Based on small, single site business. Contact us for a bespoke quotation.

What I can expect?

  • A brief conversation to discuss your key challenges that impact the day-to-day operations.
  • Live demonstration of our all-in-one platform tailored to your workflows.
  • All your questions answered to make sure you have all the information to make an informed decision

“We chose Logit for its excellent functionality, simplicity of use, great value for money and the refreshing, friendly approach to customer service.”

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Incident Management & Reporting Software FAQs

Why is Logit’s incident management & reporting software the best?

Manual processes, paper forms, emails and phone calls are still widely used to manage incidents. This makes incident management tedious and risky. Our mobile-first solution enables you to record, resolve and report on incidences from the palm of your hand. It is so simple no training is required.  Our standard digital templates are easy to use and are also customisable to meet your needs. Unlike other solutions, Logit allows you to assign and action specific tasks to team members and auto notifications are sent directly to mobile devices when an action is required. Our enhanced reporting provides complete visibility, allowing you to track progress in real-time and assess performance across sites. Logit is the only solution that offers multi-level configuration within a single site. This allows team members to have a unique experience with cross system monitoring and reporting. 

Why is incident management & reporting software required?

Incident management and reporting software is designed to streamline the process of managing and reporting various incidents. The software helps businesses quickly and efficiently respond to and manage incidents. By eliminating manual processes and paperwork, our digital solution saves you time recording, resolving and reporting on all types of incidents whilst helping to minimize their impact on operations and improve compliance with all the regulatory requirements.

What are the benefits of incident management & reporting software?

There are many benefits our incident management & reporting software offers. Key benefits include:

Efficient incident resolution: The software facilitates swift identification, categorization, and resolution of incidents, minimizing downtime and reducing the impact on your business.

Centralised Communication: By centralizing communication and documentation, the software enables seamless collaboration among teams, ensuring everyone stays informed and aligned throughout the process.

Improved visibility & accountability: Real-time reporting and analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into incident trends and performance, allowing you to proactively address underlying issues and hold team members accountable.

Enhanced compliance & risk management: By standardizing processes and documentation, the software helps ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigates potential risks to your business.

Scalability & flexibility: Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, Logit can scale to meet your evolving needs and adapt to changes in your business environment.

What is the cost of your incident management & reporting software?

Logit is affordable for single site to multi-site, complex businesses. Because our software is modular, you can pick and mix only those modules you need, making Logit extremely cost-effective. In fact, some of our customers are saving 50% or more since switching from competitive solutions to Logit. Our incident management & reporting software starts as low as £5 per month per site. For specific pricing based on your business requirements, request a price quotation today. A Logit team member will respond quickly and provide all the details you need to get started.

I have a specific question about your incident management & reporting software, who can I contact?

Our team are dedicated in providing the highest level of support and is here to answer all your questions. You can email our support team at su*****@tr*****.com or if you prefer, speak to a representative by dialling 0131 526 3892. We will respond to your specific question in the most expedient manner during our regular office hours of Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm. If you require additional information, we will be happy to schedule an online demo with an audit expert. Our live demo will show you how easy our audit software is to use and will address all questions you may have. Why not contact us today?

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