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Paperless and efficient hotel housekeeping from any mobile device

Automate housekeeping processes to save time and improve staff productivity.

Time Management
Maintenance Requests & Tracking
Progress Monitoring
Inspection Notifications
Room Status
Lost Property
Guest Complaint
QR Codes
Performance Reporting
Seamless API Integration

Instant updates to PMS

Logit removes the manual rekeying of room status within your PMS. Our open API seamlessly integrates to any PMS and notifies managers the status of each room in real-time, eliminating any doubt about whether the room is ready for the guest who just arrived.


Logit transforms housekeeping with our digital smart boards.  Our smart boards give managers instant visibility, enabling them to quickly allocate the rooms that need servicing to team members.

Logit’s open API seamlessly integrates to your PMS, allowing our system to notify housekeepers and managers the status of each room – from dirty to clean, ready for inspection, available or occupied.


Housekeepers report when a room is ready for inspection with pictures and comments. Managers receive auto alerts, ensuring inspections are conducted promptly.

Once a room passes inspection, Logit updates your PMS, saving time by removing the manual rekeying of room status.

You’ll have faster turnaround times and happier customers since wait times will be reduced.


Managers will spend less time delegating the work to each location and staff can filter to see rooms assigned to them for a clear understanding of their workload and responsibilities.


Easily access cleaning guidelines and manuals from any mobile device. Use our templates or create custom checklists to ensure your high standards are met and nothing has been overlooked.


Our interactive solution enables housekeeping staff to communicate more effectively with maintenance and other teams. Easily submit maintenance requests from any hand-held device.  Report lost and found items for each room with a picture and comments.

Once an issue is reported, it can be actioned, delegated, tracked and reported on across departments and sites, ensuring staff are kept up to date and know when issues have been resolved.

A day in the life…of your business

Here’s just one example of how Logit can be used to improve efficiencies and performance across departments and sites.

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