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Make food safety a top priority

Our all-in-one platform allows teams to complete tasks efficiently whilst ensuring the food you serve is always spot on.

Safety Checklists


Incident Management

Asset Management

Smart Forms

Document Management

Temperature Logging

Cleaning Schedules

Delivery Checks

Performance Reports

Food safety begins with Logit

Improve compliance and safety standards with our easy-to-use digital solution. See how simple it is to manage all the necessary checks from any handheld device.  And Logit lets you do so much more – access SOPs, monitor waste, and raise maintenance requests.

Never second guess the safety of the food you serve.

You can’t afford to take chances with food safety. Logit digitises all the necessary tasks that must be done throughout the day. Furthermore, HACCP, ISO22000, FSMA, BRCGS, SQF can be laborious and a challenge to manage.

Logit makes it easy to ensure procedures are adhered to, data is logged and issues are automatically flagged and escalated. Be confident knowing that your kitchen or food service business is always safe and compliant.

Perform tasks consistently

Use our digital best practice templates or create custom checks to ensure all food safety related tasks are performed, recorded and acted on if required.

A day in the life…of your business

Here’s just one example of how Logit can be used to improve efficiencies and performance across departments and sites.

Be confident about food safety

Custom templates

Assign repeatable tasks and use customisable checklists and templates to ensure staff follow procedures and stay compliant.


Receive electronic alerts when parameters or thresholds are not met and take action to resolve potential issues.

Take action

Auto notifications let managers know when there is an issue that needs attention and quick resolution.

Automate temperature logging and meet strict compliance standards

Continuous monitoring of fridges and freezers – when done manually – is prone to errors that may put your business at risk. Staff are under a great deal of pressure to consistently meet stringent HACCP compliance standards and ensure the refrigeration systems are working properly.

Logit’s automated Temperature Logging removes all the pressure with a digital and connected system. Our humidity and temperature smart sensors provide a sleek interface for viewing and tracking conditions anytime, anywhere. Continuous and accurate monitoring will give you peace of mind that your facility is meeting food safety and regulatory protocols.


24/7 temp monitoring

Simple to use & cost-effective

Multi-level alarm thresholds

Alerts when action is needed

Report & audit trails

Eliminate the human error factor

Employees make honest mistakes sometimes – we’re human after all!  It’s not hard to misread temperatures, accidentally forget an inspection, or even record the wrong data.

By automating the process, you reduce the odds that human error will lead to a safety hazard and non-compliance. You will also be assured that the logged data is highly accurate and reliable 100 percent of the time.

Receive alerts to quickly resolve potential problems

Our automated temperature logging system sends notifications to managers if the temperature falls outside a specified range.

You will know when the temperature drops too low or rises too high. This allows you to correct the problem instantly before heat or frost destroy your perishables.

Key Features

Use our customisable food safety templates for your business


Save time performing tasks, monitoring progress and safeguarding against non-compliance.



Ensure compliance with company standards, resolve issues and evaluate risks to the business.


Instantly report issues and accidents, and ensure nothing ever gets ignored or missed.


Quickly access records, set maintenance schedules, manage servicing and track downtime.


Assess performance, monitor compliance and identify trends across the organisation.

Achieve your 5 star rating every year

Don’t waste time sending emails and tracking down team members. Automatically notify the appropriate manager or employee when an issue arises.

Filter actions by priority (high, medium and low).

Define questions to generate actions managers or teams must take to resolve issues.

Instantly notify the right people for action and quick resolution.

Improve compliance and safety standards

Create rules for specific criteria. If a recording falls outside the parameters, the appropriate team member(s) will receive a notification to let them know what action to take.

Food temperatures

Probe calibration thresholds

Equipment temperatures

Gain control and always be safe

Go paperless

Stay compliant

Be proactive

Get alerts

Take action

Digitise and visualise data with detailed reports

Track progress and gain actionable insights that allow you to proactively address opportunities for improvement with real-time dashboards and custom reports.

Leave it to Logit for your business

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