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Digital Food Safety Management Software

Achieve a 5-star rating by ensuring your food safety standards are consistently performed, recorded and acted on if required. You’ll be assured procedures are adhered to, data is loggedand issues are flagged and escalated for quick resolution. Logit saves you time performing tasks, monitoring progress and safeguarding against non-compliance.

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Improve compliance and safety standards with our easy-to-use digital food safety management software. Learn how simple it is to manage food safety checks from any handheld device. And Logit lets you do so much more – access SOPs, monitor waste, and raise maintenance requests.

Why you need Food Safety Management Software

Food service operators and businesses that prepare food for customers to eat on premises or for takeaway are required to:

  • Make sure food is safe to eat. Ensure you don’t add, remove or treat food in a way that makes it harmful to eat.
  • Keep records on where you got food from and show this information on demand – known as ‘traceability.’
  • Ensure you don’t mislead people by the way food is labelled, advertised or marketed.
  • Withdraw unsafe food and complete an incident report.
  • Display your food hygiene rating (if you sell food direct to the public).

The consequences of non-compliance to your business and/or employees can be damaging and may include:

  • Investigation by the relevant regulators using criminal powers, to include powers of arrest.
  • Being served with a statutory notice requiring certain steps be taken within a specified period.
  • Compensation claims for loss of earnings.
  • Adverse publicity and loss of reputation.
  • Decontamination, cleaning and replacement of equipment.

Logit’s food safety management software digitises food safety processes and procedures. The system improves food safety standards and compliance by guiding teams throughout the day, alerting members when a task must be completed. Managers have the ability to monitor progress in real-time and receive auto notifications when an action is required.

The software also records and stores all food safety records, providing management with greater visibility and reporting capabilities for benchmarking  performance across sites.

Food Safety Management Software – Core Features

Digital Food Safety Checklists

Use our digital best practice templates or create custom checklists to ensure all food safety related tasks are performed, recorded and acted on if required. Choose from our library of food safety checklist templates that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Assign repeatable tasks with our checklist templates to ensure staff follow procedures and stay compliant throughout the day. You will improve food safety and inspection scores with our easy-to-use digital checklists. Here are just a few examples.

Cleaning schedules

Cooking & reheating

Personal hygiene

Food storage

Internal food safety audits

Food safety training records

Delivery checks

Proactively take action

Don’t waste time sending emails or tracking down team members when an issue needs attention. Automatically notify the appropriate manager or employee when an issue arises. Team members can take photos and leave comments to provide evidence that action has been taken and the work has been completed. All records are securely stored, and you can access data instantly to measure performance and prove compliance.

Filter escalations by priority (high, medium & low).

Create triggers that automatically send actions requiring resolution based on pre-determined criteria.

Raise and track actions from audits or inspections and adjust workflows to improve compliance.

Track the progress of each action from start to finish and be assured that your team have taken the right steps to correct any issue quickly and expediently.

Stress-free EHO visits

If you’re unable to provide an EHO all the necessary records, it is highly likely you will jeopardise your rating and potentially cause harm to your brand. That’s why leading chefs leave it to Logit.

Our food safety management software make it easy to plan and prepare for third party reviews such as an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) inspection. Managers will be less stressed knowing all procedures are being adhered to, and the business is protected from legal and financial liabilities.

You will never have to worry about that unexpected EHO visit when you use because everything is recorded and can be accessed instantly upon request.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing that every record is accurate and date stamped for transparency and evidence.

“We had a surprise visit from the EHO recently. Considering we’ve only been using your system for about one month, management are thrilled that the HACCP digital checks were validated and highly praised by the EHO! Compared to other systems she has seen, the EHO was very impressed with Logit’s simplicity, breadth of control points and functionality. It’s no surprise that we maintained our 5 stars ✨️ as well.”

Chloe McKone – Group Health, Safety & Compliance Manager

More food safety features and benefits

Logit offers an intuitive user interface that makes it quick and easy to go paperless. There is nothing to download. All you need is an internet-enabled device to easily create, assign and monitor tasks. Team members access checklists and manage tasks using any company issued device such as a tablet or their own mobile phone.


Ensure compliance with company standards, identify and resolve food safety issues and evaluate risks to the business.


Instantly report food safety issues and ensure nothing ever gets ignored or missed.


Quickly access safety records, set maintenance schedules, manage servicing and take strategic action.

Photos & Comments

Take a picture from any mobile device and include additional feedback to prove the work has been completed or to show that attention is required.

Smart Boards

Use smart sensors or bluetooth probes for live readings and alerts when fridge temperatures are outside parameters.


Automated reports allow you to quickly assess food safety performance, monitor compliance and identify trends.

Our food safety software delivers significant value to your business.


Time savings completing tasks


time saved conducting food safety audits


transparency of follow ups & actions taken

Optimise our food safety management software with leading hardware solutions

 Build the perfect food safety solution for improved accuracy and reliability.

Fridge Temperature Monitoring Smart Sensors

By automating food safety processes with smart sensors, you reduce the odds that human error will lead to a safety hazard and non-compliance.

  • Water-resistance and highly accurate
  • Monitor humidity, temperature, dewpoint and VPD conditions
  • Long range
  • Various models to meet your specific needs
  • Optional WiFi gateway

Bluetooth Food Temperature Probes

Bluetooth probes send temperature checks to Android and Windows devices, enabling you to have a paperless data backup without manually recording temperatures.

  • Users can quickly and easily record temperatures with the push of a button.
  • Digital record keeping reduces the risk of human errors.
  • EHO Ready! Digital records are easily accessible and offer real-time visibility.

Bluetooth Plate Simulating Dishwasher Thermometer

The bluetooth dishwasher probe accurately records maximum surface temperature at the touch of a button. 

  • Eliminate costly and inaccurate test strips or stem thermometers.
  • Built to survive daily use in professional kitchens.
  • HACCP compatible.
  • Free 1-point traceable certificate of calibration

Use our food safety templates out of the box or tailor them to meet your needs

Assign repeatable tasks with our checklist templates to ensure staff follow procedures and stay compliant. Here are just a few of the templates available for you to use as is or customise to meet your specific needs.

We offer 100’s of food safety templates including the ones listed below.

Contact us or schedule a demo to find out more.

  • General Food Safety Checklist
  • Meat Food Safety Inspection
  • Bakery Food Safety Inspection
  • Grocery Food Safety Inspection
  • Pizza Food Safety Inspection
  • Seafood Safety Inspection
  • Produce Food Safety Inspection
  • Deli Food Safety Inspection
  • Food Health & Safety FOH
  • Food Safety & HACCP Audit
  • Food Safety Management Audit
  • Daily Food Safety Audit

A simple use case for Food Safety Management Software

Here’s just one example of how Logit can be used to improve food safety performance.

The chef uses Logit to complete all the daily tasks.

All checks are completed successfully.

The manager is alerted that all food safety tasks have been completed successfully.

The EHO visit is a breeze since all data has been recorded and easy to access.

Customer Success Stories

Learn how leading brands have improved visibility and compliance with our food safety management software.  



Leading hospitality group enjoys 50% cost savings and improved visibility.



Verifiable records prove staff finish food safety tasks on-time 80% of the time.



Deli & coffee shop achieves 75% time savings completing food safety checks.

Food Safety Pricing

Eliminate paper and simplify food safety with one easy to use digital system.

Starting at

£14/month* per site

Checklists and Fire Walks & Safety checks included!

  • Save time reviewing, monitoring and managing tasks.
  • 100’s of digital templates with a simple checklist builder.
  • Access checklists and manage tasks from any mobile device.
  • Includes unlimited users and document repository.
  • Discount for multi-site organisations.

*Based on small, single site business. Contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Checklists plus Fire Walks & Safety checks included!

See our food safety software in action!

Schedule your demo and learn why Logit is the right solution for your business.

  • A brief conversation to discuss your key challenges that impact the day-to-day operations.
  • Live demonstration of our all-in-one platform tailored to your workflows.
  • All your questions answered to make sure you have all the information to make an informed decision

“We chose Logit for its excellent functionality, simplicity of use, great value for money and the refreshing, friendly approach to customer service.”

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Food Safety Management Software FAQs

Why is Logit's food safety management software the best?

Logit is an all-in-one software solution that saves you time performing tasks, monitoring progress and safeguarding against non-compliance. Logit is unique because it provides a seamless, fully integrated platform that replaces the multiple systems and manual processes you may currently be managing – from food safety to maintenance to asset management to team engagement and more.

Our customers have switched to Logit’s food safety management software for its simplicity and ease of use. The system is a breeze to set up and easy for all team members to use. Unlike competitive solutions, Logit enables you to limit users access to only what they need to do and see, providing increased control across departments and sites. In addition, our food safety management software offers enhanced reporting and real-time analytics. Managers can generate reports instantly, analyse every action taken and identify where improvements can be made.

Why is food safety management software required?

The failure to adhere to food safety regulations can not only result in serious injuries but inevitably cause huge irreparable reputational damage to a business. 

Using paper checklists, spreadsheets and manual processes are a recipe for disaster – things get missed or go unreported, tasks are not always completed consistently, managers don’t have the visibility they need to monitor all the work and identify potential problems. The results range from a low food hygiene rating to costly fines.

Implementing food safety management software like Logit will greatly reduce the risk of non-compliance, a lower rating and costly fines. Our digital platform automates food safety workflows, ensuring staff perform tasks consistently and on-time. Team members can take photos and leave comments to provide evidence that work has been completed or when a safety issue needs attention. Managers have the visibility to track progress in real-time and are notified when an issue exists, allowing them to proactively take correction action. All records are securely stored, and you can access data instantly to measure performance and prove compliance.

What are the benefits of food safety management software?

There are many benefits to using food safety management software. Leading companies have switched to Logit to improve their food safety standards and compliance.

  • Eliminate paperwork and meet your sustainability targets.
  • Automate record keeping to improve performance and compliance.
  • Store and access food safety checks and documents in one central place.
  • Raise and track actions from food safety audits or inspections and adjust workflows to improve compliance.
  • Instantly generate auditable records and reports.
  • Benchmark sites or shifts to gain insight on performance and identify trends.
  • Simplify EHO visits with the ability to instantly access completed checks that are data stamped for transparency and evidence.
  • Easily tailor for catering, hotels, care homes, education and food manufacturing.
What type of hardware can be used with your food safety product?

With Logit, eliminate paperwork and human error with Smart Bluetooth fridge & freezer sensors and probes. Our range of devices give you continuous and accurate monitoring without all the hassle from manual processes. You’ll have peace of mind that your kitchen is meeting food safety and regulatory protocols.

Our smart sensors are water-resistant and highly accurate, reducing the odds that human error will lead to a safety hazard and non-compliance. Be assured that the logged data is highly accurate and reliable 100 percent of the time. We offer various models to meet your specific needs.

Bluetooth probes send temperature checks to digital devices wirelessly. Our Bluetooth dishwasher probe accurately records maximum surface temperature at the touch of a button. You will save time recording temperatures and eliminate costly and inaccurate test strips & stem thermometers.  All are HACCP compatible.

I have a specific question about your food safety management software, who can I contact??

Our team are dedicated in providing the highest level of support and is here to answer all your questions. You can email our support team at su*****@tr*****.com or if you prefer, speak to a representative by dialling 0131 526 3892. We will respond to your specific question in the most expedient manner during our regular office hours of Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm. If you require additional information, we will be happy to schedule an online demo with an audit expert. Our live demo will show you how easy our audit software is to use and will address all questions you may have. Why not contact us today?

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Food to Go Made Easy!

Logit food production boards ensure your food is always safe and ready  for your customers on the go. Record time and temperatures and get alerted when food in your display need to be checked or removed.

Download the food safety brochure

Strong food safety practices are essiential for any hospitality operator. That’s why more companies are switching to Logit.

Relevant Modules

Customers who use our food safety management software also love these modules to improve efficiency & performance.


Zapier integrations will save you time, reduce expenses and enable teams to work faster and more efficiently. 

Leverage existing systems

Automated workflows

Improve user experience

Increase visibility

Improve business intelligence

No coding

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