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Improve compliance and safety standards with our easy-to-use digital food safety solution. See how simple it is to manage all the necessary checks from any handheld device. And Logit lets you do so much more – access SOPs, monitor waste, and raise maintenance requests.

Make food safety a top priority

Our all-in-one food safety management software allows teams to complete tasks efficiently whilst ensuring the food you serve is always spot on.

Get access to our Food Safety Templates

Delivery Checklists

Fridge Temperature Log

Reheating Food

We offer 100’s of templates including the ones listed below. Contact us or schedule a demo to find out more.

  • Food Safety Audit
  • Food Safety & Hygiene
  • Food Safety Inspections
  • Food Safety Verification
  • General Food Safety Checklist
  • Meat Food Safety Inspection
  • Bakery Food Safety Inspection
  • Grocery Food Safety Inspection
  • Pizza Food Safety Inspection
  • Seafood Safety Inspection
  • Produce Food Safety Inspection
  • Deli Food Safety Inspection
  • Food Health & Safety FOH
  • Food Safety & HACCP Audit
  • Food Safety Management Audit
  • Daily Food Safety Audit


Automate fridge temperature monitoring

Employees make honest mistakes sometimes – we’re human after all! It’s not hard to misread temperatures, accidentally forget an inspection, or even record the wrong data.

By automating the process with smart sensors, you reduce the odds that human error will lead to a safety hazard and non-compliance. You will also be assured that the logged data is highly accurate and reliable 100 percent of the time.

  • Water-resistant & highly accurate
  • Monitor humidity, temperature, dewpoint & VPD conditions
  • Long range
  • Various models to meet your specific needs
  • Optional WiFi gateway


Easy to use wireless probes provide high accuracy, precision and speed

Bluetooth probes send temperature checks to your Android and Windows devices. This enables businesses to have a paperless data backup without manually recording temperatures.

  • Time SavingUsers can quickly and easily record temperatures at source at the push of a button.
  • Reduce Human ErrorDigital record keeping reduces the risk of human errors.
  • Data integrity – EHO Ready! Digital records are easily accessible when needed, offering real-time visibility.


Save time, paper and eliminate human error when recording temperature cycles.

Our bluetooth dishwasher probe accurately records maximum surface temperature at the touch of a button

  • Eliminate costly and inaccurate test strips & stem thermometers.
  • Built to survive daily use in professional kitchens.
  • HACCP compatible.
  • Free 1-point traceable certificate of calibration

A day in the life…of your business

Here’s just one example of how Logit can be used to improve food safety performance.

“We had a surprise visit from the EHO recently. Considering we’ve only been using your system for about one month, management are thrilled that the HACCP digital checks were validated and highly praised by the EHO! Compared to other systems she has seen, the EHO was very impressed with Logit’s simplicity, breadth of control points and functionality. It’s no surprise that we maintained our 5 stars ✨️ as well.”

Chloe McKone – Group Health, Safety & Compliance Manager

Food to Go Made Easy!

Logit food production boards ensure your food is always safe and ready  for your customers on the go. Record time and temperatures and get alerted when food in your display need to be checked or removed.

Watch the video to learn more.

Our customers are confident about food safety

“One of the great things about Logit is that it has given the kitchen team confidence knowing all food safety and compliance activities can be easily accessed and monitored in one place.”

Jamie Napier – General Manager

“Logit provides so much convenience. It’s easy to use and gives my team more time to focus their attention on customers. I have peace of mind knowing how things are going no matter where I am. When the EHO makes a visit, I feel prepared and confident that all our records are complete and easily accessible.”

Arpita Agili – Owner

24/7 temp monitoring

Simple to use & cost-effective

Multi-level alarm thresholds

Alerts when action is needed

Report & audit trails

Food Safety Pricing


For businesses with lean teams

£20 per month per site

Eliminate paper and simplify task management with one easy to use digital system.

  • Access to the essential checklists for your specific operations
    • Hotel
    • Restaurant
    • Pub/Bar
    • Leisure Park
    • Business Centre
    • Retail
  • On-demand reports for management
  • Online Help and Training Centre
  • Up to 5 team members/users per site

More Than 5 sites: Contact us for pricing


For businesses with multiple teams

£40 per month per site

No credit card required

Enhanced reporting lets you make informed decisions and instant access to the right information keeps the team on track.

  • Everything in Lite PLUS
  • 10 team members/users
  • Checklists Template Library
  • Team specific roles and permissions
  • Assign tasks to departments
  • Live Chat support
  • Daily digest of performance

More Than 5 sites: Contact us for pricing


For complex businesses with dynamic teams

£65 per month per site

No credit card required

One powerful solution automates workflows, improves visibility, and gives you more control.

  • Everything in Teams PLUS
  • Custom Task builder
  • Scored eAudits
  • Action Management
  • Team Task delegation
  • Custom document repositories
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Unlimited users per site
  • Telephone and Email support

More Than 5 sites: Contact us for pricing

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Strong food safety practices are essential for any hospitality operator. That’s why more companies are switching to Logit.

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