Fire Safety & Fire Risk Assessment Software

Digital fire safety and fire risk assessment in the palm of your hand

Protect your business and guests with all-in-one fire safety solution

Logit’s fire safety software provides assurance and proof that all inspections, fire walks and safety checks are performed on site and on schedule.

Proximity guarantee with NFC tags

Simply place NFC tags at check locations. At the scheduled time, tap your mobile device on the NFC tag to access the scheduled check, assessment or inspection.  To complete any task, the NFC tag must first be scanned – giving proof of being at the location.

NFC tags is the smart way to verify that tasks such as on-site fire walks and inspections are completed with accountability and a full audit trail.  

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Fire walks & safety patrols

Logit makes it easy to track staff and ensure that fire walks and patrols are completed as required. Simply map out  the locations including fire exits,  plant rooms and high risk areas like kitchens.

Using any mobile device, scan a QR code or tap an NFC tag to complete each task throughout the fire patrol. Logit allows you to monitor and validate all activities with digital tracking and actions. 

Scan, perform and monitor fire safety tasks

Once the NFC tag is scanned, the specific checklist or task is presented on your mobile device, prompting you to complete in its entirety.  The system allows you to flag items, attach photos and comments to inform management that the task is completed or an issue exists.


Managers are able to track progress in real-time, ensuring all fire safety activities are being performed. If there is an issue, the system automatically notifies specified team members to take action.

Fire Safety made easy and no training required

Logit offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to get started. There is nothing to download. All you need is an internet-enabled device.


Our team will provide all the support you need. We’ll set you up quickly, ensuring all your tasks are scheduled and NFC tags are assigned to each check location. You’ll never have to worry about managing fire safety with Logit!

Simplify fire walks & safety 

Eliminate paperwork

Custom checklist builder

NFC tags

Log incidents

Audit ready

Fire Walks & Safety Pricing

Eliminate paper and simplify fire walks & safety with one easy to use digital system.

Starting at

£14/month* per site

Checklists and Food Safety checks included!

  • Save time reviewing, monitoring and managing tasks.
  • 100’s of digital templates with a simple checklist builder.
  • Access checklists and manage tasks from any mobile device.
  • Includes unlimited users and document repository.
  • Discount for multi-site organisations.

*Based on small, single site business. Contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Checklists plus Food Safety Checks included!

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