Hospitality & Food Safety Consultancy

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Hospitality and food safety consultancy partners at your service

We work with industry leading consultants to ensure our customers have world class protection and support. Our consultancy partners are top-grade advisors, helping hospitality operators to improve the profitability and overall health of their business.

Food Safety

Our partners offer a full range of personalised food safety solutions to meet your needs including:

  • Food hygiene rating predictions and tips for 5 out of 5 ratings
  • Food hygiene audits
  • Enforcement liaison and legal assistance
  • Updates on legislative changes
  • HACCP plans

Food Allergens

Food allergen advisors and trainers help you comply with food allergen laws and reduce the risk of  food allergen incidents:


  • Allergen audits
  • Allergen risk assessments
  • PPDS (pre-packed for direct sale) and packaged food label compliance checks
  • Food allergy awareness training certificates – Level 2
  • Food allergy awareness training certificates -Level 3
  • Online food allergen certificates

Food Poisoning Allegations

Consultants are here to handle any food safety complaint and food poisoning allegations. They will conduct an immediate food complaint investigation and help identify any source of food contamination at your premises.

  • Enforcement liaison and legal assistance
  • Telephone assistance and emergency call out

Health & Safety Inspections

Health and Safety inspections cover all work areas and physical parts of the premises, along with assessment of current documentation and processes.

  •  Observations made and hazards identified.
  • Level of risk (High, medium or low).
  • Recommendations necessary to ensure on-going legal compliance.


We have partners who offer a full range of training courses for hospitality businesses including hotels, restaurants and pubs.

Specially selected trainers are highly knowledgeable in their subject areas and tailor the course content based on experience, learning speeds and languages. Courses include:

  • Food Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Health & Safety
  • Audit Inspection

Primary Authority Partnerships

We can arrange your primary authority partnership to protect from inconsistent enforcement.

These partnerships are Government approved and designed to ensure consistency of EHO enforcement. Customers wishing to opt into a partnership and follow these procedures can benefit from the legal protection this offers.

Hospitality consultancy to meet your business needs & budget

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