Digitise checklists to improve compliance and increase productivity

Digital checklists simplify management of tasks and safeguard against non-compliance whether you are a hotel, manufacturer or a retail brand.

A day in the life…of your business

Here’s just one example of how Logit can be used to improve efficiencies and performance across departments and sites.

View Digital Checklists Templates

Opening Bar Procedures

Hourly Restroom Checks

Coffee Brew Log

Duty Manager Walkaround

We offer 100’s of templates including the ones listed below. Contact us or schedule a demo to find out more.

  • Bar Opening & Closing Checks
  • Hot Tub Record Sheet
  • Meter Readings
  • Monthly Fire Extinguisher Check
  • Pool Water Quality Testing
  • Daily Public Area Checks
  • Delivery Supplier Checks
  • Duty Manager AM & PM Checks
  • Monthly Emergency Lighting
  • Water Flushing Schedule
  • Weekly Cleaning Checks
  • Kitchen Opening & Closing Checks
  • Reception AM & PM Checks
  • Weekly Fire Alarm Test
  • Daily Food Temperature Checks
  • Monthly Ladder Check

Watch video to see how digital checklists eliminate paper and save you time

Whether you are a hospitality operator, manufacturer or an international retail brand, digital checklists simplify the management of tasks and safeguards against non-compliance.

Leading brands use Logit’s digital checks

“Logit provides team members with clarity on all the daily tasks and scheduled activities. There’s never a question about who is doing what because Logit gives everyone the visibility they need.”

Jamie Napier – General Manager

“Our team is thrilled with how easy the move from paper to digital has been. Logit is easy for all of our employees to use, and it has made a difference in managing the day to day tasks.”

Ben Watson – Owner

Improve employee and management performance with digital checklists



Eliminate errors caused by manual processes and reduce endless paper trails.


Assign team members to specific tasks and access to relevant documentation.


Receive auto notifications when a task is not completed on time or an issue exists that needs corrective action.

Take Action

Notify the right stakeholders based on parameters you set up in the system to ensure no finger pointing and quick resolution.

Reports & Insights

Track progress, reward overachievers and identify areas for improvement.

Team Members

Operational Checklists & Forms

Ensure nothing goes unmissed and all tasks are completed accurately and on-time.


No worries if you’re unsure what to do next – the system guides you through every task and procedure.


If an issue exists, you’ll be notified on what action to take next.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Acknowledge colleagues for a job well done and receive kudos from managers when you’ve gone above and beyond.


Share information and ideas with teams and provide feedback to help transform the workplace.

Transform your business with digital checklists

Remove the guesswork and know what to do, when to do and how to do each task.

Define questions to generate actions managers or team members must take to resolve issues.

Nothing gets missed as the right people are notified as soon as an issue is identified.

You can save over £1,000 annually performing and managing all the tasks.

Checklists Pricing


For businesses with lean teams

£20 per month per site

No credit card required

Eliminate paper and simplify task management with one easy to use digital system.

  • Access to the essential checklists for your specific operations
    • Hotel
    • Restaurant
    • Pub/Bar
    • Leisure Park
    • Business Centre
    • Retail
  • On-demand reports for management
  • Online Help and Training Centre
  • Up to 5 team members/users per site

More Than 5 sites: Contact us for pricing


For growing businesses with multiple teams

£40 per month per site

No credit card required

Enhanced reporting lets you make informed decisions and instant access to the right information keeps the team on track.

  • Everything in Lite PLUS
  • 10 team members/users
  • Checklists Template Library
  • Team specific roles and permissions
  • Assign tasks to departments
  • Live Chat support
  • Daily digest of performance

More Than 5 sites: Contact us for pricing


For complex businesses with dynamic teams

£65 per month per site

No credit card required

One powerful solution automates workflows, improves visibility, and gives you more control.

  • Everything in Teams PLUS
  • Custom Task builder
  • Scored eAudits
  • Action Management
  • Team Task delegation
  • Custom document repositories
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Unlimited users per site
  • Telephone and Email support

More Than 5 sites: Contact us for pricing

“One of the great benefits of Logit is that the kitchen no longer have to record all the tasks on paper. Nothing gets lost or missed and each team member knows what to do and when to. Plus, managers spend less time dealing with admin so that they have more time developing the team and making sure our customers are happy.”

Jamie Napier – Learning & Development Manager

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