Expect no surprises and save time performing audits

Simplify audits by moving from paper to digital forms and make it easier to take remedial action when issues are exposed.

Get better results with stress-free audits 

Make audits less stressful with improved visibility and insights that allow you to share information, track performance, flag issues and take quick action.

A day in the life…of your business

Here’s just one example of how Logit can be used to improve efficiencies and performance across departments and sites.

Reduce the number of on-site audits whilst improving compliance

Digital audits provide visibility and insights to the entire team, ensuring standards are being monitored and compliance is consistently achieved. Logit reinforces positive behaviour that makes audits less stressful.  Teams are prepared to take action when issues are identified, ensuring standards are adhered to and the desired outcomes are achieved.

Highlight issues

Flag issues and notify team members with the click of a button


Automatically notify managers when issue exists to ensure action is taken

Share & Review

Share audits across teams and review findings from any device

Track performance

Compare audit scores and results across multiple sites to track performance

Onsite audits can be reduced by half, typically saving 24 hours per site / year since managers don’t have to spend unnecessary time checking whether company procedures are being followed.

Key Features

Customisable templates

It is easy to get started with our standard templates that you can tailor to meet your business requirements.


Give team members access to audit templates, schedules and real-time updates using their existing mobile device.


Auto notifications are generated and sent to the appropriate team member(s) based on specific issue that auditor identifies.


Share information such as guides and video tutorials to help team members perform tasks and resolve issues expediently.


Assign the right team members specific tasks based on audit findings and outcomes.


Generate daily/monthly scores to benchmark departments or sites and gain insights to improve performance and compliance.

Simply digitise your audit forms or choose from customisable templates

Logit makes it easy to go paperless. Create audit forms in no time or use our standard templates that can easily be tailored to your needs.

Simple enough for a single site. Powerful enough for multi-site organisations.

Ideal for both independent and multi-site operators with unique and multiple divisions/departments. Logit is the only solution that offers multi-level configuration within a single site. This allows team members to have a unique experience with cross system monitoring and reporting. 

Digitise and visualise data with detailed reports

Track progress and gain actionable insights that allow you to proactively address opportunities for improvement with real-time dashboards and custom reports.

Transform your business with digital audits

Schedule audits or perform on ad-hoc basis

Access and share information from any mobile device

Keep informed throughout the audit and be ready to take action

Analyse data instantly and gauge performance

Raise and track actions against each audit

Audits made easy and no training required

Logit offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to get started. There is nothing to download. All you need is an internet-enabled device.

If you have questions or require any assistance, the triSaaS team is always here to support you.

Leave it to Logit for your business

Learn how our digital platform can benefit you.





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