Know when action is required

Spend less time checking and more time doing!

When there is an issue, you need to act fast before it turns into a problem that impacts business. Relying on outdated paperwork, emails and phone calls make it nearly impossible to effectively resolve issues in the quickest time possible.

Our smart technology automatically generates actions based on specific events such as a maintenance request, upcoming inspection, a missed task or day-to-day department checklist response that fails to meet a parameter or threshold.

Once an action has been auto triggered, the manager or team will receive an auto notification with an action requiring resolution based on pre-determined criteria defined by your organisation.

Take the right action at the right time!

Checklist item with a validation fail

Audit questions fail

Maintenance issue

Certificate renewals

Housekeeping request

Future Health & Safety inspection

Negative guest feedback

Asset failure / out of range

Rejected delivery (Critical Control Points not met)

Staff / Guest accident

Go from check to ACTION!

Logit makes it easy for teams to complete scheduled checks and automatically notifies managers when an action is triggered. Monitor progress in real-time, quickly resolve issues and know when everything is back on track.

Track and report on all actions

Logit keeps a record of every action and tracks each one from beginning to end. 

Find and review actions at your fingertips. Filter by assignee, site, or status so you see only what you need to. Easily identify trends in actions to determine areas that require improvement.

Fast resolution & continuous improvements

You can also create an action for an individual or team to follow-up whenever an improvement opportunity is detected – from an audit, inspection, scheduled check or guest feedback. 

Easily upload comments, files and photos for context, clarity and reinforcement. Actions can be set to a priority (high, medium and low) along with a resolution time (required to be completed in 2 hours), or a trigger will be sent higher up the chain.

Keep everyone on the same page

When an issue needs attention, it’s vital that team members stay informed and communicate to ensure no stone has been left unturned.

Each action has a traceable timeline and includes comments, photos and other relevant details that can be viewed and shared by specific individuals or the entire team.

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