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One solution for managing all your maintenance activities

Watch how Logit provides a seamless, end-to-end process from  maintenance request to completion. Give managers the visibility they need to raise actions, prioritise activities, delegate tasks to team members, share information to engineers and track performance.  Plus, there’s so much more!

Digitise maintenance processes and run like a well-oiled machine

Planning and managing maintenance is complex. Getting all your crew on the same page when is comes to scheduling and performing the work requires coordination, guidance and effective communication. Relying on paper trails usually creates more errors and confusion, resulting in increased failures and costs.

Logit offers the market’s most advanced all-in-one digital maintenance solution. Simplify the way you manage reactive maintenance tasks by enabling your team to quickly report on and respond to issues or requests from the palm of their hand. Our slick all-in-one platform also allows your team to proactively schedule and track all preventive maintenance activities across departments and sites.

Quickly respond to maintenance issues and requests

It’s easy for everyone to use and teams will be confident that all the work is being performed correctly and nothing gets misplaced or forgotten. 

Proactively schedule and track all planned maintenance activities

Seamlessly organise all preventive maintenance tasks and manage assets more effectively.

Asset Management

Easily organise, track and optimise asset performance. Transform how you track and manage assets in one centralised place – everything from repair history and cost to service requests, work orders, scheduling, and downtime. 

Customisable templates make it easy for your business to go digital.

Use our standard templates that can be tailored to meet your business requirements.

Easy to use by everyone yet powerful enough for managers to keep business running smoothly.

Keep track of everything, know when there is an issue and take immediate action. Save time sorting through all the paperwork and emails. Forget voicemail and unanswered texts. Logit simplifies your entire operations by automating workflows, digitising checks and documentation, and automatically notifying the right people when there is an issue. 

Your teams will be empowered to work more efficiently and improve performance. Managers will be more effective in running the day-to-day operations and motivating staff. And the business will benefit by reducing risk and expenses whilst increasing the focus on your customers.   

The perfect solution for onsite maintenance teams

“Our maintenance team are able to plan ahead and delegate tasks, track completion and monitor progress which is a fantastic capability especially for teams with multiple sites.” 

Rob McGlynn – Regional General Manager

One digital solution is all you need

Go paperless

Automate processes

Easy to use

Improve efficiencies

Reduce costs

Digitise and visualise data with detailed reports

Track progress and gain actionable insights that allow you to proactively address opportunities for improvement with real-time dashboards and custom reports.

Leave it to Logit for your maintenance

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