Use your influence to earn prizes!

As a member of Logit’s Influencer Referral Programme, you will earn a prize (Amazon gift card valued up to £50) each time you refer a new customer.

Becoming a Logit Influencer is easy. Simply register by clicking the button below to complete a short form. Once you are registered, start using your influence by promoting Logit within your network. Here’s how simple it is.

Refer Logit to a friend or peer. Encourage them to schedule a demo using the link and referral ID that you will receive via email upon your registration into the Logit Influencer Referral Programme.

If the person you refer signs up for Logit, their business will receive the first month for free with their subscription.

Once the person you 'influenced' has subscribed to Logit, you'll be notified and sent a gift card - our way of saying 'thank you' for your influence!

The more people you refer, the more chances you have of winning prizes!  There is no limit.  Simply click the button below to register and become a Logit Influencer.