Save time & improve compliance

Automate temperature logging and meet strict compliance standards

Continuous monitoring of fridges and freezers – when done manually – is prone to errors that may put your business at risk. Staff are under a great deal of pressure to consistently meet stringent HACCP compliance standards and ensure the refrigeration systems are working properly.

Logit’s automated Temperature Logging removes all the pressure with a digital and connected system. You will be confident knowing our smart monitoring system is continuously tracking all temperatures, ensuring your facility is meeting all safety and regulatory protocols.


24/7 temp monitoring

Simple to use & cost-effective

Multi-level alarm thresholds

Alerts when action is needed

Report & audit trails

Save time with real-time monitoring

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and stop waiting for staff to log temperatures. No matter where you are or what you are busy doing, our automated system keeps track of all temperatures day and night.

You get continuous and accurate monitoring without all the hassle from manual processes.

Eliminate the human error factor

Employees make honest mistakes sometimes – we’re human after all!  It’s not hard to misread temperatures, accidentally forget an inspection, or even record the wrong data.

By automating the process, you reduce the odds that human error will lead to a safety hazard and non-compliance. You will also be assured that the logged data is highly accurate and reliable 100 percent of the time.

Access reliable data anytime, anywhere

Logit’s smart system automatically monitors your fridge/freezer temperatures, and generates digital temperature logs throughout the day, 365 days per year.

Historical data is securely stored in the cloud, enabling you to access it from any mobile device whilst providing robust audit trails to support regulatory compliance.

Receive alerts to quickly resolve potential problems

Our automated temperature logging system sends notifications to managers if the temperature falls outside a specified range.

You will know when the temperature drops too low or rises too high. This allows you to correct the problem instantly before heat or frost destroy your perishables.

Reduce waste and energy costs

Automated temperature checks and logging of freezers, fridges and other equipment generate auto notifications alerting you to take corrective action when a problem or breakdown occurs.

Continuous monitoring ensures your equipment is running at the optimum temperature, saving both energy and products.

Maintain food and safety standards every single day

Don’t risk storing and serving food at the wrong temperatures. Logit’s temperature logging gives you everything you need – automated monitoring capabilities, alerts, accurate reporting, and historical data – to improve standards and reduce non-compliance.

One digital system does it all

Eliminate manual paperwork and simplify temperature logging.

Automated temperature logging on a 24/7/365 basis saves you time and reduces risk.

Stay accountable and in control with access to the most reliable data whenever, wherever you need it.

Get auto notifications and know when to take action when a problem has been detected.

Minimise food waste and stock loss with around-the-clock monitoring and auto alerts.

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