Quick and easy navigation to all your business applications

Centrally controlled, customisable list of software apps that each employee uses to fulfill their daily duties.

Increase employee productivity

Logit’s external gateway makes it easier for users to navigate to all their apps from any device. Improve the user experience and save time navigating from one application to another.

Save time and simplify onboarding processes by enabling new employees to access everything they need from one location.

Stay compliant and in control

Staff members are typically accessing between 3 to 15 applications a day to perform their tasks – each with unique log-in pages – making it time consuming and confusing. 

To solve this issue, admins can leverage our gateway to control which applications employees have access to, embedding direct links to each log in page, speeding up navigation and improving efficiencies.

We can facilitate requests to embed single sign-on (SSO) integration from Logit to your other software applications.

Highly configurable to meet the needs of complex multi-site organisations

Ideal for both independent and multi-site operators with unique and multiple divisions/departments. Logit is the only solution that offers multi-level configuration within a single site. This allows team members to have a unique experience with cross system monitoring and reporting. 

Key features

Create library of third party software applications

Connect employees to corresponding software applications

Easily add or remove software applications

Easy for everyone to use with no training required

Logit offers an intuitive user interface that makes it quick and easy to get started. There is nothing to download. All you need is an internet-enabled device. Managers or admins can easily create, assign and monitor tasks from their desktop, laptop or mobile device. Team members access checklists and manage tasks using any company issued device such as a tablet or their own mobile phone.

Support is provided by the triSaaS team whenever you need assistance.

One gateway for access to all your apps

Centralised control

Improve user experience

Save time

Improve efficiencies

Turn SOS into SSO!

Logit offers a bespoke SSO service

Our service facilitates SSO from Logit to your gateway applications.

Save admin time

Simplify navigation to business apps

Reduce IT costs

Improve security

SSO to get your gateway applications

Accessing and logging into multiple applications can be challenging for users and administrators.  Securely handling thousands of accounts and related user data takes time and increases risk. SSO is an authentication process that allows your business to log in to multiple standalone applications with a single set of credentials. With SSO, users can access applications via one single login, irrespective of the platform, technology, or domain used

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