Going paperless offers food-to-go operator convenience and time savings. 

The crew at The Glass Cube are busy every day serving hungry professionals breakfast and lunch. When staff members aren’t waiting on customers, they are performing the dozens of tasks necessary to keep the business running safely and smoothly. But the stack of paper checklists were time consuming to complete and things were often missed or forgotten. If a temperature check was not within the given range, team members did not always alert the manager or correct the problem.

Owner, Arpita Agili, needed a way to manage the business and monitor staff when she was home or out and about.  Sending staff texts and making phone calls to check up on how things were going was not a good use of her time. Logit was implemented because it eliminated all the paperwork and made it easy to stay on top of things anytime, anywhere.

Now, each team member has ownership of specific tasks. Work gets done much quicker and there is never a question of who is doing what. If an issue exists with an operational check, the system requires staff to take a particular action. And there is no need to make unnecessary ‘check up’ calls. Logit automatically keeps everyone informed and up to date on progress.

An unexpected bonus is how painless the EHO visit has become. There is no need to waste time searching and gathering paper files. Upon the request of the EHO, any record can be instantly accessed with certainty nothing is incomplete or missing. 

Key Benefits

  • 75% time savings completing checks.
  • Eliminates paper forms and provides instant access to records.
  • There’s no second guessing who is doing what, and staff know what to do if an issue exists.
  • No more back and forth texts or phone calls with staff – everything can be managed and tracked remotely from any mobile device.
  • EHO visits take less time and are stress-free.  

“Logit provides so much convenience. It’s easy to use and gives my team more time to focus their attention on customers.  I have peace of mind knowing how things are going no matter where I am. When the EHO makes a visit, I feel prepared and confident that all our records are complete and easily accessible.” 

Arpita Agili


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