Leading hospitality group switches to Logit for improved auditing, reporting and customer support.

Signature Group is a leading hospitality group made up of over 20 bars, restaurants hotels, night clubs and a brewery. The group employs over 500 staff members across 5 cities.

Thirteen months prior to switching over to Logit, the company had transitioned from paper to a competitor’s digital solution. However, after the competitor’s solution had been implemented, management determined this solution did not meet all their needs. 

The key challenges:

Reporting. This made it challenging for managers to create reports that were consistent across sites, so instead, each manager generated custom spreadsheet. 

Audits. The company uses an audit with 30-40 questions that mimic a standard EHO visit to ensure the team has all the safety fundamentals and practices in place.  Auditors were required to search for historical tasks on the provider’s portal. This was cumbersome and time consuming. Additionally, managers were not confident that the data was accurate. 

Accountability. Issues were not easily trackable and managers found it difficult to assign corrective action to the right team member. 


Signature Group switched to Logit for several reasons. First, users would not have to be retrained because our system has a similar look and feel. Our solution was deployed quickly across all 20+ venues for compliance checking, and access to Logit is via PIN users or password on company owned mobile devices. Customer support is provided by the Logit team whenever assistance is needed at no additional cost.

Logit’s reporting and analytics eliminate the need for complicated spreadsheets. Data from any/all venues is stored and collected in one place. Our fully configurable dashboard and custom reports allow managers to quickly view the most relevant data with visual graphs, charts and tables.  

Onsite audits by Logit ensure records are time stamped for easy traceability, daily and monthly scores can be used to benchmark performance, and data is presented in a clear and concise format within seconds. This saves the internal auditors a significant amount of time and gives them the visibility they need to identify potential problems and improvement opportunities. 

Key Benefits

  • 50% cost savings plus advanced features and enhanced user experience.
  • Auto prompts guide team members to take action and resolve issues quickly.
  • Quickly identify internal errors from audits and assign corrective action to the right team member.
  • Easily edit and share documents such as specific house rules and procedures to one or more venues. 
  • Robust reporting is easy to access from any device and helps managers to quickly identify problem areas. 
  • Logit’s modules will enable the group to consolidate solutions across the businesses such as facility management, team engagement and eForms just to name a few.

“Switching to Logit was incredibly easy and seamless, audits take less time and reports give management the visibility to accurately measure performance across all our venues.”

Graeme Windsor

Executive Sous Chef

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Experience a system like no other

Signature Pubs is a hospitality collection of restaurants, pubs, bars, hotel rooms and even a brewery across Scotland.

Watch and learn why this UK hospitality group switched from a competitor’s checklist solution to Logit’s complete task management software.

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