Hospitality operator replaces paper checks and audit system with all-in-one platform for increased visibility and compliance.

The Scotsman Group is a Scottish hospitality and leisure operator based in Glasgow, Scotland. The company operates more than 50 venues in cities all over Scotland. Their portfolio of venues includes restaurants, bars, late night bars, nightclubs, cinemas and hotels. In recent years, the Group has become known for taking a special interest in the purchase and investment in listed buildings, or those with significant historical importance.

The company was looking to move from paper to a digital solution that would streamline kitchen processes. As the project team began work on switching the existing checks and audits systems, they determined that Logit’s all-in-one platform would improve visibility and compliance across sites.

Before implementing Logit, the management team had no way of knowing if tasks were completed on-time. As is the case with many operations, staff waited until the end of their shift to fill out the required checklists. Additionally, the existing system and processes being used for audits did not provide managers with instant visibility of completed, overdue or missed audits nor whether an audit had identified issues and generated actions. Logit solved these challenges with automatic triggers and robust reporting. 

“What sets Logit apart from other solutions is that it rolls everything into one system, providing access to whatever team members need with the touch of a button.”

Matt Collingwood

Head of Group Food Innovation

Logit guides managers, front of house staff and kitchen staff throughout the day, ensuring checks are completed accurately and at the right time. Now, team members can’t just fill checks out at the end of the day. Each check is required to be completed at a specified time otherwise it will come up as a fail. By changing staff’s behaviour with a simple and intuitive tool, checks are completed much more accurately, and teams finish tasks within the time allocated for completion on-time over 80% of the time. Logit provides scored reporting on check performance which can be shared with team members across sites to encourage a bit of friendly competition and continuous improvement.

Switching from a competitive audit system to Logit  also offers greater visibility.  Our trigger process ensures if an audit is overdue or an issue exists, team members are automatically notified to complete or make corrections before being escalated to management. And unlike manual or outdated alternatives, Logit’s scheduled reporting can be sent directly to team members’ email, ensuring everyone has access to the important results. 

Moving to one robust system that provides everything versus managing multiple systems that didn’t stack up to all the features and functionality of Logit just made good business sense. The project team is currently planning on moving both the maintenance and marketing teams over to Logit.

Key Benefits

  • Weekly audits have eliminated site failures.
  • Verifiable records prove staff finish tasks on-time 80% of the time.
  • Capability to assign compliance audits to be completed by a variety of users within the sites for a quick turn around and awareness of potential issues.  
  • Auto notifications are sent to managers when a check is incomplete, or an issue exists.
  • Time stamps provide complete visibility into who has completed specific tasks.
  • Reduction in printing and paper costs. 

“Logit is flexible and adaptable at meeting business requirements. The Logit development team has been excellent at taking all our feedback and suggestions to make the system even better for our business.”

Claire McIlvenny

Business Development / Project Manager

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