Real estate conglomerate with global hotel portfolio choose Logit to replace spreadsheets for managing and reporting on compliance.

Heeton entered the hospitality sector in 2011 and following an aggressive expansion programme, the company’s hotel portfolio has now increased to 13 hotels worldwide. Heeton’s hospitality management division operates hotels under franchise agreements with international giants ranging from Accor and Intercontinental Hotels to Hilton Worldwide. In 2017, Heeton developed its own hospitality label, Heeton Concept Hotel. Plans to roll out the brand in Europe and the Asia Pacific region are underway.

Properties across the company used Excel spreadsheets to manage and report on compliance. However, relying on spreadsheets that were shared by teams across properties was problematic. 

  • Backups such as service reports from contractors often went missing.
  • Job sheets weren’t always filed correctly, making it difficult to track the work.
  • Brand audit records would not get scanned or they would be misplaced.
  • Managers spent a lot of time chasing down the previous weeks’ records because employees would forget to email them. 
  • Data stored on USB drives might end up in the hands of an ex-employee.

Heeton’s management team wanted one system to access and store everything contained on the spreadsheets in addition to all the backups (i.e. job sheets and contractors’ service information). The team looked at several competitive solutions but none of them compared to Logit.  

One system to store and access data

Since audits were completed on spreadsheets, certificates and other backup information were stored elsewhere such as on USB drives. Often times, these files would end up missing or lost. Logit alleviates this problem because everything is automatically stored in one place.

Using Logit’s calendars and asset records, all the backup information and certificates can be quickly accessed and shared.  Teams save time by not having to file records, email spreadsheets, and search for missing documentation. In just a click or two, access to the information you need is available.  

A recent blind audit required the records from the past 18 months of boiler services. The maintenance team was able to access all the service records in seconds. And because every record is time stamped, there is evidence to show what work was done and by whom.

In a short period of time, Logit has improved the quality of our properties. Nothing gets missed because smart boards and actions not only ensure the works gets completed on-time, but visibility across sites encourage team members to do their very best.” 

Thomas Holliday

Compliance Coordinator

Boards & Actions – track and prioritise work to improve quality 

Before Logit, Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) tasks were recorded on a spreadsheet for each site. Managers were sent each site’s spreadsheet the following week. This time lapse made it impossible for managers to view complete and incomplete jobs or resolve maintenance issues in a timely manner. 

Logit’s smart boards and actions make it easy to manage all the tasks. Managers and teams simply access the dashboard to view all PPM tasks and their status. For example, when a job goes red (missed), team members know that this takes priority and needs to be completed as soon as possible. Managers no longer wait for days to see what was missed and then react (which might be too late).

Internal quality audits include actions to guide teams and ensure every step is taken to complete a task. When using a spreadsheet, a team member would need to provide detailed information about where exactly the work needed to be done (i.e. hallway wall or specific ceiling light). With Logit, a picture of the exact area is all that is required for maintenance to complete the job. The system has improved the quality of properties because jobs that were getting missed frequently – like marks on a corridor wall – are now being completed sooner because teams have photos with the specific action to take.

Managers have found that team members don’t like to see incompletes on their Logit dashboards and they react much quicker. The maintenance teams across sites can see how other properties are performing, which has created a bit of friendly competition to improve performance. This in turn, has improved the quality of hotels.

Key Benefits

  • Quality standards have improved with audit scores increasing above 90%.
  • Improved compliance of certificates and service records – audit scores are consistently in the mid-90s. 
  • Managers save at least 30 minutes per week with instant access to all the reports.
  • Logit’s calendars and asset records have provided significant time savings of 2 to 3 days reviewing audits with maintenance team.
  • Smart boards let the maintenance team know in advance when to schedule service, allowing them to negotiate better pricing & terms.
  • Teams are able to better plan and budget for servicing and purchasing of new assets.
  • Improved record keeping and backup evidence (i.e. photos) ensure EHO visits are smooth and stress-free.

Logit makes it incredibly easy to manage it all. Everything is on one platform instead of 10 different spreadsheets. You see all the information on one dashboard, allowing you to track anything at anytime.” 

Thomas Holliday

Compliance Coordinator

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