Operator of woodland holiday cabins transform business processes and empower teams with Logit

Operator of 12 holiday cabin locations and over 800 employees, Forest Holidays cabins and treehouses connect people, nature and local communities near mountains, coastlines and countryside, enabling tourists to have authentic experiences in Britain’s forest meadows and woodlands. The company offers forest cabins with hot tubs, outdoor activities, spa treatments, and dining services.

Before implementing Logit, the business lacked visibility at a global level. Each location was responsible for providing data and reporting to management. In fact, the business depended on guest feedback from surveys to get a truer picture of the operations and issues involving cleanliness, friendliness and value for money. This made it quite difficult and time consuming to analyse the data and dig through all the results, as the company receives over 25,000 completed guest surveys each year. And because issues were not being identified in real-time, the teams were reactive in addressing problems that guests mentioned or scored on.

Housekeeping sweeps up with centralised system

Forest Holiday’s housekeeping team has always been the eyes of the business and they inform the operations team on maintenance issues with the cabins. However, the inability to gather data in one place and make it visual so that the accounts department can approve funding for refurbishment projects was a serious challenge. With Logit, housekeeping teams are able to instantly raise maintenance issues and provide details and photos as evidence. With the click of a button, management can generate an issue report and share with all stakeholders. This will result in faster approvals for refurbishment projects.

Logit’s Housekeeping module integrates seamlessly with Forest Holiday’s bespoke PMS, enabling housekeeping supervisors to monitor the status of each cabin and resolve any issue prior to guest check in.  With one centralised system, supervisors are also able to grade cleanliness using the same rating that guests use. Over time, the scoring from the supervisors have typically mirrored the guest ratings. This information is invaluable because management can easily identify cabins that require attention and/or improvement based on supervisor scores.

Since everything is time and user stamped within Logit, housekeeping supervisors and management know what time a cabin was cleaned, when a maintenance request was submitted and closed, and details on every completed task. This level of visibility provides greater insights on problem areas that may require additional training or support for certain team members to ensure more issues are reported on from the housekeeping team instead of their guests (via survey).

We have real-time visibility of when a cabin has been cleaned and handed back over, including notes from the housekeeping supervisor. Logit allows us to apply a grading scheme too, which means that we can prioritise fixing any issues found and track progress in real-time. In just a click of a button, managers can export all of the information, down to the specific details including images, which we’ve never been able to do.

Ryan Birchnall

Product Quality Manager

One effective communication tool for everyone

Prior to Logit, staff members used WhatsApp to communicate with one another, but there were several key issues:

Required each team member to use their own mobile device and were being contacted on their days off, disrupting the company’s desired work-life balance approach.

Individuals had access to team members’ mobile numbers who may not have wanted to share with others.

Staff were using the app to submit maintenance requests, many of which got missed and/or forgotten about.

Management did not have the global visibility of conversations and interactions.

Logit’s Team Chat has been a real game changer. Team members no longer need to use their personal devices or worry about responding to messages outside of work. All staff are provided a company-issued mobile device, and once logged into Logit, users have the ability to interact directly with their team members and manager. Managers are able to communicate at a local level, allowing them to interact directly with a group or individual about a specific maintenance request or issue that needs to be resolved.

Now the entire team have visibility of conversations and interactions. This has been transformative. It’s not just FM tool, it’s a communication tool.

Ryan Birchnall

Product Quality Manager

Team Chat has empowered all the teams. From a local level, it’s reduced their radio chatter on Monday-Friday changeover down 10-15% of what it used to be. During their shift, team members only have to look at their device to see if a cabin has been handed back clean, if there is a maintenance issue, and if that issue has been closed out or is still open. A clear advantage of using Logit’s Team Chat is that team members no longer get bombarded with messages and requests when they are off duty. 

Impressively, Team Chat has also changed the behaviour of how team members communicate in groups or one-on-one because everyone is aware that management has access to all communications and conversations. This has fostered a more professional and respectful environment.

Additionally, management have more control over group chats since they have complete visibility. Team members are now able to contact with a senior manager and raise an issue at a global level. Any team member can communicate freely with a manager, encouraging an open dialogue and greater transparency.

The key to success is action

Logit’s ability to automatically generate an action based on an event such as a guest scanning a QR code and completing a maintenance request has improved resolution time and NPC scores. When a specific event occurs, our system instantly sends a push notification to a senior-level manager with the corrective action to take. Before Logit, if a guest reported an issue, staff would react to the issue and submit a request to the maintenance team. This process would often delay response times if requests were not prioritised or if they were unintentionally missed by the maintenance crew. But now, management is alerted when a request is submitted or a guest responds to a particular question on the survey, and corrective action is proactively assigned to the appropriate team member.

Management has the ability to track every action from creation to completion as each action has a traceable timeline and includes comments, photos and other relevant details that can be shared with team members. The system also makes it easy for management to identify trends and areas that require improvement with custom action analytics and performance tracking.

Key Benefits & Results

  • Transformational across the organisation; improved visibility and performance.
  • Time savings preparing and analysing data from multiple locations.
  • ‘Was Everthing Working’ score has increased 5 percentage points in a short time.
  • Improved guest scores by identifying and resolving issues before the next guest checks in.
  • Allows company to keep each site bespoke whilst standardising processes that enable everyone to work off the same system.
  • Team members communicate more effectively and have direct contact with management.
  • Ability to know when staff require additional training, resources or support.
  • Logit support team is very responsive to the needs of the business.

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