Four hotels perfectly located in the heart of majestic Yorkshire centralised maintenance and transitioned to one digital platform.

Shortly before the pandemic, the business transitioned away from separate onsite maintenance teams to one centralised maintenance organisation in order to provide consistency across the four properties. By centralising the maintenance function, jobs could be prioritised and work would be performed in a more expedient manner. 

The business implemented a spreadsheet for team members to log jobs whilst the maintenance manager sorted through the sheet and prioritised work accordingly. However, since this spreadsheet was shared by over 50 employees across the four sites, issues arose. Not everyone knew how to use Excel properly. Data was entered incorrectly and/or wasn’t always updated. Staff were unable to send/attach visual images related to an issue or incident.

The remote maintenance team and onsite staff realised that they needed an easier way to communicate with staff members. Management also required a system that provided easy access to accurate data on all the jobs to ensure things were getting done in a timely manner and the maintenance team was properly staffed.

The company chose Logit to improve communications and ensure daily actions are completed by the guest service teams. The duty managers also use checklists to provide a record of everything that has been done during their shifts. The transition to digital was quick and easy for all team members because Logit is user-friendly, intuitive, and required no training.  


“It was all well and good using a paper version or spreadsheet that everyone shared, but jobs were sometimes missed and tasks were sometimes ticked off when they weren’t completed. Logit provides managers with real-time visibility so that they know which jobs are being done and how quickly it takes to complete them.“

Emily Cox

Commercial & IT Director

Since implementing Logit, maintenance reporting is a lot cleaner and clearer. It’s also much easier to manage all the jobs. Maintenance managers can assign tasks and view progress in real-time. The remote team members know what work to perform, and have the ability to report issues with photos from their mobile device. 

Guest satisfaction scores in relation to room maintenance have increased 40%.

This improvement has been due to improved efficiencies, communication and tracking of maintenance issues. 

For front of office staff, there has been a complete mindset shift. Paper checklists used to be a tickbox exercise. But now staff take checks much more seriously. Since tasks are tracked on Logit, employees understand that information needs to be completed accurately. 

Key Benefits

  • 40% increase in guest satisfaction scores in relation to room maintenance.
  • Enable managers to quickly prioritise maintenance jobs.
  • Track and monitor scheduled jobs and identify systemic (repeat) issues.
  • Increased operational efficiencies have resulted in substantial time and cost savings.
  • Management is able to quickly analyse data to measure how long it takes to complete a job and optimise staffing.

“Logit is perfect for multi-site operations with centralised teams sharing information. The system adds clarity, it’s simple to use and our maintenance team are able to track jobs and repeat issues so much better and easier than we ever have done in the past.”

Emily Cox

Commercial & IT Director

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