Digitise checklists to improve compliance and increase productivity

Our digital checklists simplify the management of tasks and safeguards against non-compliance whether you are a hotel, manufacturer or an international retail brand,

Go paperless and achieve greater efficiencies and insights with our checklists

Digital checklists

Ensure staff perform tasks the right way every time


Receive auto alerts when action is needed

Real-time Visibility

Continuously track progress and keep teams on track


Analyse performance and make informed decisions

Digital checklists make it easy for everyone to perform work and maintain compliance.

Our easy-to-use checklists enable managers to monitor progress and take action when needed.

Be confident knowing nothing gets missed. Receive instant notification when a task needs to be completed or an issue needs to be resolved. Take photos to verify work or flag problems.

Go from checklist to ACTION!

Logit makes it easy for teams to complete checklists and automatically notifies managers when an action is triggered.

Monitor progress in real-time, quickly resolve issues and know when everything is back on track.

Checklists simple enough for a single site, powerful enough for multi-site organisations.

Ideal for both independent and multi-site operators with unique and multiple divisions/departments.

Logit is the only solution that offers multi-level configuration within a single site. This allows team members to have a unique experience with cross-system monitoring and reporting.

Key Features

Customisable checklist templates

Choose from our library of checklist templates that can be tailored to meet your needs including Food Safety, Statutory Compliance, Maintenance, Hotel Housekeeping, Brand Standards and more.


This optional feature can be used to require the user to provide a specific explanation or inform the user that the information entered is incorrect.


Actions are generated and sent to the appropriate team member(s) based on specific events such as a task not being completed on time or a recording falls outside standard parameter/threshold.


Share information such as training guides and ‘how to’ videos to help team members complete tasks in a consistent and compliant manner.


Assign team members to only see and do relevant tasks based on their role. department or location.


Simply scan the QR code at the specified location to quickly access and perform the right checklist at the right time.


Generate daily/monthly scores to benchmark departments or sites and gain insights into problem areas.

Digitise & simplify your scheduled checklists

Logit makes it easy to go paperless. Create checklists for food safety, statutory compliance, maintenance and more in no time with our standard templates that can easily be tailored to your needs.

Transform your business with digital checklists

Remove the guesswork and know what to do, when to do and how to do each task.

Define questions to generate actions managers or team members must take to resolve issues.

Nothing gets missed as the right people are notified as soon as an issue is identified.

Managers can save 3+ hours per week monitoring and managing their team’s tasks.

Easy for everyone to use with no training required

Logit offers an intuitive user interface that makes it quick and easy to get started. There is nothing to download. All you need is an internet-enabled device.

Managers or admins can easily create, assign and monitor tasks from their desktop, laptop or mobile device. Team members access checks and manage tasks using any company issued device such as a tablet or their own mobile phone.

Support is provided by the triSaaS team whenever you need assistance.

Scheduled checklists in 4 easy steps

2. Perform

Team members perform their checklists and electronically record results as they go.

Take photos to provide visual evidence and send directly to management for quick resolution if needed.

3. Take Action

Create triggers that automatically send managers actions requiring resolution based on pre-determined criteria defined by your organisation.

Actions can be set to a priority (high, medium and low) along with a resolution time (required to be completed in 2 hours), or a trigger will be sent higher up the chain.

4. Monitor & Evaluate

Managers can view real-time status of all the work that has been completed, missed or still in progress.

Benchmark sites or shifts and gain insight on performance to identify patterns or problems.

Monitor compliance and trends across the organisation.

Going paperless was the best decision

"I don’t have to write things down and hope my staff remembers to do them. Logit makes my job easier by ensuring that nothing gets missed. And even during the busiest of times, the system notifies me when there is an issue or a task is overdue."

Gillian Phews - Facilities Manager

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