Why have one A-Player when you can have an A-Team?

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A Play·er. / ā plā-ər/ Noun. Also spelled “A-Player”.

A-Players are the cream of the crop. In general, they are the top 10% of talent available for their position. These are the people who bring in the money and make the company shine. They are employees who excel in their role, whatever that may be.

If you’re lucky, you may have a handful of A-players. They are reliable and consistently get the job done right every time. Unfortunately, A-Players are not scalable. This is problematic for any business wishing to scale with more projects or increase outputs. An A-player can handle only so much, so how do you turn more of your team members into A-Players?

It begins with adopting a system that automates existing processes and provides fail-safe triggers for taking action to control quality and compliance. This system can be used across the organisation, enabling any team member to increase productivity and consistently achieve better outcomes – just like an A-Player.

Think it’s impossible? Leading companies across the UK are using Logit to help their teams perform like A-Teams!

How is this feasible? Logit was developed to make life easier for everyone, no matter what their role may be. Our system automates all the manual processes that are time intensive and quite frankly, tedious.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be an A-Player? The problem is, team members are stretched thin; each person is busy taking on more work due to the staff shortage and leaner budgets. Whilst they try their best to do their daily tasks, many employees don’t have access to a system of automation that would enable them to work more efficiently.

Most businesses still rely on individuals, not systems, to get all the work done in a timely, compliant manner AND achieve the desired outcomes. But even the most seasoned A-Player can struggle to keep up. Unlike systems, people are unpredictable. Mistakes are bound to happen. Things get overlooked. Details get lost in the shuffle. Staff are in a rush and forget to follow up. Issues go unreported to management.

When your process has room for assumption or misinterpretation, results will never be the same. But putting a system in place that automates workflows across the organisation ensures each team member knows what to do and when to do. There is no second guessing, therefore, performance improves and the outcomes are consistently better.

This is the beauty of Logit. Our intelligent platform digitises your manual procedures, ensuring nothing ever gets missed. The system effortlessly guides staff throughout the workday, prompting each user at each step. If an issue or failure occurs, the right team member will be instantly notified with the right course of action to take.

Logit literally tells each user what to do, providing all the information necessary to perform tasks from any mobile device. You’ll no longer have to rely on one A-Player to get the work done because your staff will become a powerful A-Team that delivers even greater results.

Here’s some key points on how to start building your A-Team(s) using our all-in-one platform.

Digital Checklists & Forms
Used to help streamline and automate workflows, digital checklists and forms ensure all tasks are performed in a timely and consistent manner without the worry of errors caused by manual entry and incomplete or lost paperwork.

No worries if you’re unsure what to do next – the system guides you through every task and procedure.

A trigger is generated and sent to the appropriate team member(s) based on specific events such as a task not being completed on time or a recording falls outside standard parameter/threshold.

Requires the user to provide a specific explanation or inform the user that the information entered in incorrect.

If an issue exists, the team member(s) and/or manager is instantly notified on what action to take next.

Generate daily/monthly scores to benchmark departments or sites and gain insights into problem areas and improvement opportunities.

Team Engagement
Share information and ideas with teams and provide feedback to help transform the workplace. You can also acknowledge colleagues for a job well done and receive kudos from managers when you’ve gone above and beyond – keeping team members engaged and motivated.

Ready for your A-Team? Schedule a demo today and we’ll show you how easy it is to get started.