Resolve 5 common problems and improve hotel operations with digital solution

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Is your hotel running as efficiently as you’d like it to? Are the day-to-day operations meeting your guests’ expectations? We talk to hotel operators every day and when asked about their operations, most know there is room for improvement. Back-of-house processes often hinder teams whilst degrading the customer experience.

We’ve identified 5 common problems that impact hotel operations and will tell you how Logit can improve efficiencies by automating existing processes.

Problem 1: Staffing shortages

The tension in the labour market is expected to ease slightly in 2023, but the shortages will remain. Clearly, worker shortages are straining the ability of hotel operators to keep up with increased customer demand. Lean teams are expected to do more with less, but manual processes and legacy systems make it extremely challenging to meet or exceed expectations.

Hoteliers must make it easy for staff to perform the day-to-day work. Logit guides team members throughout the workday, ensuring tasks are completed accurately and on-time. Training manuals and company policies can be quickly accessed from any hand-held device. The software is so simple to use that little to no training is required, enabling employees to work faster and smarter so that they can focus their attention on serving guests.

Problem 2: Too much paperwork

Admin work can seem burdensome at times for any operator. Hospitality organisations generate a constant stream of paperwork including guest information, supplier contracts, general correspondence, health and safety and maintenance records just to name a few. Managing all this paperwork takes up a lot of time and interfere with more important business – like engaging with your guests.

Why spend an inordinate amount of time on repetitive admin work when Logit can automate many of the administrative tasks such as scheduling and reporting. One secure place is all you need to store and access documents and forms. The system allows you to control who can view and edit documents. Complete work and save it with the click of a button. Plus, no more filing paperwork or searching for the right form means you’ll have more time to focus on guests.

Problem 3: Staff and Guest Requests

Managing all the requests with back-and-forth emails, spreadsheets, phone calls and instant messages can be overwhelming and create unavoidable issues including:

  • Slow request turnaround.
  • Frequent mistakes when fulfilling requests.
  • Lack of status transparency and accountability.
  • Ineffective hand-offs between team members.
  • Inability to accurately track and report performance.

Logit automates any request workflow, enabling you to seamlessly accept, keep track of, respond to and close any/all requests from customers, employees, and even external vendors. You can provide a consistent experience across the business by eliminating different request formats and delivery channels. Simply create QR codes and request forms with logic and customised fields. Then scan a QR code at a designated location to access and submit a specific request form. It’s that easy. You can also track progress in real-time and know if there are any bottlenecks that need attention. Our software allows you to instantly view interactions with team members, stay informed throughout the process and share updates with stakeholders.

Problem 4: Check-in bottlenecks

As you know, before your next guest arrives, every moment counts. Everything has to come together flawlessly so you can deliver an exceptional service that will impress the most discriminating customer. That is why the last thing you want is your housekeeping staff unprepared for the next check in or the front desk unsure about the status of a guest’s room.

Logit removes the need for calls to housekeeping about room status updates. Our open API seamlessly integrates to any PMS and notifies managers the status of each room in real-time, eliminating any doubt about whether the room is ready for the guest who just arrived. Our interactive solution enables housekeeping staff to communicate in real-time across the business – from completing tasks to submitting and tracking requests to notifying managers when rooms are ready for inspection. You’ll have faster turnaround times and happier customers since wait times will be reduced.

Problem 5: Ineffective communication and collaboration

Poor communication is the number one reason why businesses lose customers. But did you know ineffective communication can be frustrating to employees, creating a breeding ground of distrust and confusion. If workers don’t have good lines of communication with each other and management, their loyalty and commitment to the organization may suffer. This can in turn, lead to a higher turnover rate.

Sharing information upward, downward and laterally encourages a more open, transparent work environment. Our platform makes it easy to communicate and collaborate with the right teams. Executives no longer need to rely on managers to relay important information to staff. Now, executives can communicate directly to one person, one team or the entire organisation without the worry of whether the message will be miscommunicated or not communicated at all.

Teams can also collaborate in real-time and stay informed on important company announcements. Auto notification let staff know when new content such as breaking news or updated policies is available.

 By avoiding these problems, hoteliers will be in a much better position to improve operations. Investing in technology like Logit’s all-in-one digital platform can relieve back-of-house operations with streamlined and automated processes. Our easy-to-use solution enables team members to be more productive, helps ease the amount of admin work, simplifies the management of requests, minimises check-in wait times and enhances employee engagement.