How Technology Will Help Hospitality Focus on Efficiencies in 2023

by | Jan 5, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Doing more with less is key to success in this challenging economic landscape. Hospitality businesses are turning to technology to drive operational efficiencies across departments and sites.

The focus for many operators in 2023 is to provide efficiencies for lean teams whenever possible. Profitability depends on your staff’s ability to perform the same amount of work more effectively and in less time. Technology adoption is paramount because its dependency is increasing among the workforce and digital solutions are helping operators to address understaffing concerns.

The staffing crisis isn’t going away anytime soon, nor is the impact of COVID-19. Stricter room inspections and higher standards of food safety and sanitisation will be expected by your guests. In fact, many of the COVID-related operating procedures are now considered standard. Ensuring company compliance has always been a challenge, but the post-COVID world makes compliance even more demanding. Digital solutions like Logit make it easier to manage and track all regulatory and brand requirements with less effort and in less time.

Whilst the hospitality sector has often struggled with technology adoption in the past, Gen Z and Millennial staff members have increased dependency on technology. Utilising a mobile device and other digital solutions is second nature to these younger employees. Younger generations expect to use technology and many of them will be more attracted to a job where technology is commonplace. By implementing technology, your business will be in a better position to find and retain personnel.  

If your business is currently understaffed, digital solutions like Logit can help fill the gap and keep operations running more efficiently. Imagine spending less time managing all the day-to-day tasks, knowing instantly what has been performed and by whom. If an issue exists, your management will be notified to take action immediately. No more chasing down maintenance about a work order. Staff can simply complete a request and track progress from any mobile device. Housekeeping knows which rooms need to be serviced and which ones are read for inspection. Audits can be scheduled and easily conducted. Any failed items can be delegated, monitored and reported with the click of a button. Busy managers also have increased visibility into performance and trends so that they can make better decisions and more accurately target improvement areas.

Although the economic outlook for 2023 may seem uncertain, technology is a sure way to help understaffed businesses improve operational efficiencies. Get started with Logit, the one digital solution for all your staff.