How NFC Technology Enhances Fire Door Safety in the UK

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This blog provides important information on existing UK fire door regulations and how NFC (Near Field Communication) technology can help those responsible for fire safety to maintain compliance.

Recent UK fire door regulations: Are you compliant?

The Home Office Fact Sheet: Fire Doors (Regulation 10) provides the following details regarding The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 which made it a legal requirement from 23 January 2023 for all multi-occupied residential buildings in England with storeys over 11 metres in height to:

  • Conduct quarterly checks of all fire doors. 
  • Perform annual checks of all flat entrance doors (that lead onto a building’s common areas.
  • Provide residents of all multi-occupied residential buildings information on the importance of fire doors to a building’s fire safety.

Regulation 10 lays out the minimum requirements for inspections of fire doors. “Regular checks are required to ensure that self-closing devices are working and the fire doors, including flat entrance doors, are in efficient working order and in good repair. These checks are to ensure that the existing door standard is maintained. During the fire risk assessment, the assessor may recommend improvements to be made to the door and it will be for the responsible persons to determine how these are implemented. If faults are found with the doors, then it may be necessary to undertake appropriate maintenance to ensure they remain fit for purpose or, where needed, to replace them. The minimum requirement is for the responsible person to undertake an inspection of the doors to identify any obvious damage or issues.”

For residential buildings less than 11 metres in height, responsible persons have a duty to put in place general fire precautions which includes “making sure that all fire doors – including flat entrance doors – are capable of providing adequate protection.”

Advantages of NFC for fire door safety compliance

Utilizing NFC technology can help in achieving the existing requirements for your business and enhancing the safety of fire doors. Here are some of the benefits of NFC:

Convenience: NFC-enabled devices, for example smartphones and tablets, allow easy and convenient access to fire safety information. Recent information on emergency contacts, fire door safety checks and procedures and evacuation routes can be accessed by tapping an NFC tag.

Real-time Communication: NFC technology allows for instant communication between NFC-enabled devices and NFC tags. In emergency cases it enables instant access to crucial information like the location of fire extinguishers, emergency exits and assembly points.

Assessment Management: Fire doors can be attached with NFC tags to have a digital log for every door’s installation, service records, or compliant situation. By using this, managers are able to easily control and follow up differentiating fire doors conditions, to ensure that they comply with laws.

Enhanced Monitoring & Maintenance: NFC tags can be used to track the status and maintenance history of fire safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and sprinkler systems. This facilitates proactive maintenance, ensuring that equipment is always in good working condition.

Streamlined Inspections & Audits: Fire doors, emergency exits, and critical components of fire safety systems can be attached with NFC tags. By using NFC-enabled devices, inspectors are able to scan these tags within seconds and access the corresponding inspection records, maintenance schedules, and compliance documentation.

Enhanced Training & Awareness: Fire safety training materials, instructional videos and other educational resources can be delivered using NFC tags. This allows building occupants to access these resources by simply tapping NFC tags whilst increase their levels of awareness and readiness when it comes to fire emergencies.

Logit’s easy to use fire safety software solution works in conjunction with NFC technology, providing you a smart way to verify that fire door checks have been completed on-time and on-premises. You will be confident that all fire safety requirements are met, with instant access to reports and a full audit trail for complete accountability.

If you would like to learn how Logit will ensure fire door regulations are met and overall fire safety can be enhanced, schedule an online demo.