Flush away the paper toilet checks

by | Apr 28, 2023 | Checklists, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Our team members are very social and like to meet up at all the terrific cafes, restaurants and pubs the city has to offer.

Whilst out and about lately, our team of social butterflies continue to see paper toilet checks taped on the wall or door of many establishments. Ewwww!

We know that conducting hourly checks can be cumbersome and easy to forget especially during busy shifts.  But paper checks are an eyesore for your guests. And what happens when a scheduled check isn’t shown as complete on the paperwork? What will your guests think about the cleanliness of your establishment then?

That’s why switching from paper to a digital checklist solution like Logit makes sense. Our system eliminates those tacky paper checks by enabling team members to access all their assigned checks from any mobile device. The system prompts staff to perform the scheduled cleaning  each hour, and managers will be receive an alert if something has been missed or an issue exists.

The advantages of digital checks:

  • Tasks are time stamped as completed, so there is never a doubt whether something was missed or forgotten about.
  • In case a scheduled check is not completed, an auto notification will be sent to management.
  • If there is a problem (i.e. leaky faucet, toilet malfunction), the assigned team member can take a photo or video and provide comments. The system will automatically notify the manager and trigger an action.

And Logit also allows your guests to instantly make requests or leave feedback by scanning a QR code placed strategically in the public restroom. Need more soap or hand towels? Water on the floor? Dirty stall? Just scan the QR code from any mobile device and a digital form appears. The customer simply completes the form with required information.

Once the form is submitted, staff is notified and prompted to take the appropriate action. Managers can also generate reports from guest feedback and requests to identify trends and improvement opportunities.

Why not take down your paper toilet checklist and experience why many hospitality operators have made the switch to our digital checks. Sign up for our free 14 day trial. We’ll set you up and it’s so easy to use, no training is required.

Who needs paper when there is Logit!