Avoid the high cost of food safety non-compliance

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The failure to adhere to health and safety regulations can not only result in serious injuries but inevitably cause huge irreparable reputational damage to a business. Here are just a few recent cases.

  • Salisbury restaurant fined £15,000 for a chronic failure to achieve the very basics of food hygiene. The business was cited for exceptionally poor standards of hygiene across all areas of the kitchen and a failure to enforce a system of management that ensured all repairs, controls and checks were followed.
  • Large fast-food chain received a hygiene rating of zero after the management of food safety was deemed to be in desperate need of improvement, including the systems in place to ensure food sold and served is safe to eat. 
  • Local takeaway fined for food hygiene offences after it was discovered that the staff had not been trained in food hygiene and there was no system in place to proactively manage food safety.

Notice how each business failed because they lacked a system to effectively manage food safety. Using paper checklists, spreadsheets and manual processes are a recipe for disaster – things get missed or go unreported, tasks are not always completed consistently, managers don’t have the visibility they need to monitor all the work and identify potential problems. As you can see, the results range from a low food hygiene rating (which will definitely impact business) to costly fines.

Implementing a system like Logit will greatly reduce the risk of non-compliance, a lower rating and costly fines. Our digital platform automates food safety workflows, ensuring staff perform tasks consistently and on-time. Team members can take photos and leave comments to provide evidence that work has been completed or when a safety issue needs attention. Managers have the visibility to track progress in real-time and are notified when an issue exists, allowing them to proactively take correction action. All records are securely stored, and you can access data instantly to measure performance and prove compliance.

Your business can’t afford to take chances with food safety and that is why you need to try our easy to use our free food safety checks and food hygiene audit.  There is nothing to set up and no credit card required.

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