We simplify work so that you focus on growing the business.

Managing work has always been challenging. For everyone. In every sector of business.  Our talented team at triSaaS has developed innovative technology over the past decade to help companies work faster and achieve better outcomes by automating their manual processes.

“My vision for Logit is simple. Make it easy for everyone to do work more efficiently and empower managers to keep control of the business by providing them total visibility across departments and sites.”

William Gorol   I   Founder

Not too long ago, our visionary leader, William Gorol, had one of those eureka moments. “What if,” he asked himself, “there was technology that brought together the various moving parts of managing tasks, improving collaboration and compliance all in one flexible platform that replaced numerous standalone systems and manual processes?” Soon after, the team was busy building a new digital platform we call Logit.

Flash forward to now, and triSaas is pleased to offer companies of all sizes and sectors as diverse as hospitality, manufacturing and retail, with an all-in-one software solution that is feature-rich, easy to use and a cinch to implement.

We aim to replace the multiple systems your teams are currently using with our all-in-one digital solution. Our mission is to continue offering new and exciting features that empower your workforce and give our customers a competitive edge.

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