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Managing work has always been challenging. For everyone. In every sector of business.  Our talented team at triSaaS has developed innovative technology over the past decade to help companies work faster and achieve better outcomes by automating their manual processes.

“My vision for Logit is simple. Make it easy for everyone to do work more efficiently and empower managers to keep control of the business by providing them total visibility across departments and sites.”

William Gorol   I   Founder

Not too long ago, our visionary leader, William Gorol, had one of those eureka moments. “What if,” he asked himself, “there was technology that brought together the various moving parts of managing tasks, improving collaboration and compliance all in one flexible platform that replaced numerous standalone systems and manual processes?” Soon after, the team was busy building a new digital platform we call Logit.

Flash forward to now, and triSaas is pleased to offer companies of all sizes and sectors as diverse as hospitality, manufacturing and retail, with an all-in-one software solution that is feature-rich, easy to use and a cinch to implement. The company’s equally impressive products including eSource Wizard and Rota King all help our customers to perform more efficiently and generate better results.

We aim to replace the multiple systems your teams are currently using with our all-in-one digital solution. Our mission is to continue offering new and exciting features that empower your workforce and give our customers a competitive edge.

“Logit was rolled out seamlessly and the team have found it easy to use. The Logit team have been an amazing resource by setting up the system, supporting us throughout implementation and conducting training at each site, which has helped staff realise all the benefits Logit has to offer.”

Rob McGlynn – Regional General Manager

“Logit is flexible and adaptable at meeting business requirements. The Logit development team has been excellent at taking all our feedback and suggestions to make the system even better for our business.”

Claire McIlvenny – Business Development / Project Manager

Our dedication to customers is second to none


To transform the way people work so that companies can do more in less time and provide a competitive advantage.


To provide the workplace with innovative software that enables users to improve their performance and achieve better results each and every day.


Our values drive everything we do. Our innovation is the result of the team’s high standards and commitment to always do what’s best for our customers.

Customer focused and world-class support
Everything we do is to improve our clients’ experience. Our team is dedicated in providing the highest level of support to ensure our customers succeed.

Relentless pursuit of excellence
We strive to excel and exceed expectations every day. Our conviction to develop innovative, world-class software is second to none.

Integrity and transparency
What we say is what we do. We have high standards and know that to keep our customers’ trust, we must always be open, honest and transparent.

Agility and flexibility
We’re an adaptable bunch and we respond quickly to our clients’ most demanding needs by continuously deploying highly agile software that keeps up with the pace of change.

We understand that success is a combined effort and we are united in delivering results. We support each other in meeting our customers’ needs and will roll up our sleeves to help get the job done.

Meet the Logit Team

William Gorol

Founder / Managing Director

Andrew Mather

Chief Technology Officer

Anthony Eccles

Chief Commercial Officer

Sara Lehany

Finance Director

Marie Summers

Head Customer Success

Jon Prete

Head of Marketing


Product Director

Robb Andrew

Senior Developer

Jamie Hamlet

Senior Developer

Paul Murphy

Senior Developer

Monika Jonusaite


Dan Murphy


Scot Cameron

Commercial Manager

Michael Gorol

Customer Success Manager

Chris Wratting

Account Manager


Kheil Thorn

Senior Implementation Manager

Kacey Thorn

Implementation Consultant

Mengmei Li

Implementation Consultant

Jacqui Garvie

Business Development Manager

Cheryl McCarty

Business Development Executive


Joleen Perriam

Business Development Executive

Vickie McGovern

Financial Controller

Karen Davidson

Assistant Financial Controller

“The hands-on support from the Logit team is something we don’t experience with any of our other systems.”

Lauren Napier – Learning & Development Manager

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